Thursday, December 20, 2007

What Is Karma ? Cause and Effect of Karma

There is a word "Karma", passed on from the past, but nowadays it is rare to find someone who knows correctly what Karma is. What do we call Karma and what is Karma ? Karma is something that exists in the source which moves oneself, lets have a look carefully how the Karma which is in the source, is made. The Karma is made by things that happened to you. Then how can things that happened to you make this Karma ? it is important to understand that. This means that something you did is saved in your consciousness. Now we have to look at nature in more detail. Every phenomenon which appears in nature, everything that happened in them is saved in their seed. Human being is a subject with a consciousness. Human beings save everything what they did in their consciousness. This consciousness works as a spirit and when the spirit comes to meet death it remains independent by separating from the body. When this consciousness which was in the spirit disappears it will be reborn as life soon. But because the consciousness disappeared it does not mean things what happened in the past will disappear. Even if the consciousness disappeared, everything which happened to you will be latent in that. So these complex things which are latent in you will continuously cause reaction. The habit of Karma is trying to keep repeatedly thing that happened to you forever, and that is Karma. There are two meanings which allow everything to exist in the world. The world exists by these two meanings. The first one is reincarnation. Reincarnation means that everything is repeated. Something which exists continuously cause the phenomenon of repetition, past present and future are spinning endlessly. So our life exists by this law and every creature is repeating being born and dying by the law of cause and effect. If something was born in the world but does not disappear by itself but tries to keep itself to exist. Something that happened to you has same meaning. So if something is saved in your consciousness it does not disappear but it continuously acts by receiving the influence of it. According to what happened to you present and future life will be different. So things in yourself which will stay forever will be different that's why to make a relationship is something that people must be very careful of. When a person makes a relationship with a bad thing that will produce a bad thing but when a person makes a relationship with a good thing that will produce a good thing. This is also the Law of Cause and Effect. Karma will exist in you by the cause and effect. As long as this Karma exists a human cannot be able to be free from the control of this Karma. If someone has a big Karma and if the person tries to live good life and to do good things rather than not becoming a good self will ruin others as well. And by doing things to become a good self will always make oneself distressed. Because there should be a good source in yourself but there is not that good source it is rare to occur good things in you. At this point only Enlightenment can influence you. Without Enlightenment you cannot disobey the direction of Karma which is in you. We can see phenomenon like this from our surroundings easily and it is very important for the life of human being. Therefore nobody can get out of these phenomenon without Enlightenment. The law of nature is strict. In mathematics two plus two cannot be one or five, things which exist are not changeable in truth as well as mathematics it never changes. That is why people say that the most important thing for living all our period of life is Enlightenment. If someone does a good thing and makes a good result of 60% but makes a mistake of 40% with ignorance while the person was not aware, in this situation the person can control emotions and wrong temper and can fix something which is wrong if the person tries. But if someone makes Karma which is the result of ignorance by making mistake of 60 % but good Karma of 40% in this situation it is very hard to do a good thing because the power of big Karma interferes rather than good self when the person is doing something. The reason why there are many problems that appear in our society is because the society doesn't accept about how Karma is made by things what happened to someone in the past. How does Karma appear ? Karma appears by things in you. How is Karma made ? Karma is made by words and actions, Karma can be made by actions and words. What kind of Karma is made by word. When someone says things that the person doesn't know then that will be the Karma. Telling lies is something that ruins oneself and others too. This is Karma which is made by words. Karma affects all Living forms in this Universe… the Trick is to Follow you BASIC INSTINCTS… An Action can be a BAD KARMA according to Mr.X but it can be Good karma according to Mr.Z. All we need to follow is "Instincts" & Natural LAW''S of this Universe! --

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