Thursday, December 20, 2007

The mind is the thinking process.

The mind is the thinking process. It's the nature of mind to label, define, describe, categorize, and separate. Anything you see as separate is a projection of your mind. The appearance of separation arises with the appearance of thought. There is no actual separation. Separation is apparitional. The thought "my life" does not create a life fragmented from universal life. The thought "my consciousness" does not create a consciousness fragmented from universal consciousness. The thought "my body" does not create a body fragmented from the universal body. The universe is one. Thought does not fragment the universe, it merely creates the appearance of fragmentation.
When white light shines through a prism, the component colors of the spectrum appear. The component colors of the spectrum are not separate from white light. They appear separate due to the nature of the prism. But the light is one.

When universal consciousness shines through the mind, the spectrum of the world appears. The world is not separate from universal consciousness. They appear separate due to the nature of the mind. But universal consciousness, your mind and your world are one.
You are universal consciousness shining through your mind creating the appearance of your world. It's all one, and it's all you.

Remember, Like Attracts Like. YOU ATTRACT WHAT YOU FOCUS ON . These steps will help you focus on what you do want, rather than what you don't want. By using these steps you will be able to consciously create the life you want.

1. Take 100% Responsibility for Your Life and What You Create in It.

Only when you take full responsibility for your life can you create
what you want. Only then will you be able to fully choose your life
experiences. Only then will you stop being and seeing yourself as a victim of
your circumstances.

Your life will change for the better as soon as you take 100%
responsibility for your life and what you create in it. You'll feel more in
control. Your life will feel richer. Not only that, taking responsibility
for your life sends a big message to the Universe that says "Here I am!
I'm ready to live and this is what I want!"

2. Gain clarity about what you really want and then ASK for it.

To get what you want you have to be clear about what you want and then
you have to ASK for it. Ask who? The Universe.

If this sounds a little hokey, remember, we are creators at our core.
We are always creating, whether we are aware of it or not. We create
through the thoughts that we think and the feelings that we feel.
Therefore, if we are always creating, why not create what we want consciously?

The Universal Law of Attraction tells us Like Attracts Like. You
attract what you think about and feel the most. The Universe brings to you
what you focus on.

To create the life you want you must consciously focus your attention
on what you want and then hold your attention on it.

3. BELIEVE you will get what you want. You don't need to know HOW
you're going to get what you want; you just have to believe you will get it.

Don't let yourself get stuck in the HOW. Worrying about HOW you're
going to accomplish something will bury your best intentions under worry,
over-planning and fear.

Joe Vitale says in his book, The Attractor Factor, stay open to what
your gut's telling you and then take action on what it's telling you.
This kind of action is called "in spired action".

Inspired action comes from your gut. It's your intuition talking to
you. If you don't take action when the inspiration strikes the emotion
will soon pass, unless you apply your passion to some sort of activity.

Inspired action feels good. Inspired action comes from the core of who
you are. It is not something you "should" do, but rather it is
something you can do to get you closer to your goals.

Action will fuel you and your dream. You can figure out the steps as
you move forward. In other words, you don't have to have all the steps
figured out in order to take action. You just have to start. The rest
will fall into place.

4. Don't let your fears and doubts sideline you.

Have you had this experience: you set a goal for yourself, begin taking
action to achieve it and then suddenly get stuck in fear, worry and
doubt? What do you do when that happens?

Unfortunately for a lot of us we do one thing – we quit. We let our
fear get the best of us and we bail. And when we bail we beat ourselves
up, feel terrible and stay exactly where we don't want to be.

What's the solution? It's common to be faced with worry, fear and
doubts on the way to your dream. It happens to everyone! One of the best
ways to stay on track is to surround yourself with a support system, such
as a mastermind group, coach, and/or supportive friends and family.

By doing so you create an environment that supports you and your dream.
Even if the going gets tough, your support system will encourage you to
keep going.

5. Be open to RECEIVING what you want.

Receiving what you want isn't so much an act of DOING as it is an act

Has this ever happened to you; you want something – like a brand new
car. Every time you think of having a brand new car two things happen;
part of you feels good and part of you feels like getting a brand new car
is impossible. Which feeling do you think wins out? The one you feel
the most and with the most intensity.

"Receiving" what you want is more than just getting the physical thing
that you want; it's also putting yourself in "receiving energy". How do
you do that? You feel how good it is going to feel to get that new car
that you want (or job, or lover, or…) and you hold on to that feel good
feeling. You imagine how good it's going to feel to get what you want
AS IF you've already received it.

There are two ways you can do this:

1) Write out an affirmation that states "I am so happy and grateful now
that I'm driving my brand new 2007 Lexus…." As you write it out FEEL
how good it will feel to drive your brand new Lexus.

2) Use your imagination and put yourself in the feeling place of
already having what you want. Close your eyes, take a deep breath and imagine
yourself behind the wheel of your brand new car. Go for a test drive
right in your own living room! Enjoy it.
Putting yourself in the feel good place of having received what you
want puts you in the "right" energy to attract what you want. Why? Like
Attracts Like. When you feel as though you have it, and you love every
minute of having it, you're putting lots of "I love having this" energy
out into the Universe. The Universe can only do one thing – send it your

6. Create daily rituals.

Do the previous steps feel like a lot to swallow? I know at first they
can be but over time leveraging the Law of Attraction in your life will
become second nature. You can speed up that process by creating

Rituals, or meaningful and consistent routines, are actions you take
for the sake of keeping you on track and focused on the big picture you
have for your life.

What are some rituals that would be fun and keep you on track? Here's a
list of examples from a Author:

**I created a vision board of what I want to BE, what I want to DO and
what I want to HAVE th is year. Everyday I look at the board I created
and imagine the board represents my reality right now. I put myself in
the feeling place of BEING who I want to be, DOING what I want to do,
and HAVING what I want to have, AS IF it is all happening right now.

**Each morning I start the day by focusing on what I am grateful for in
my life. Being grateful for what is NOW opens you up for more good
things to come your way. It's as if you're sending the Universe a message
that says you appreciate all that you've been given and all that you are
about to receive.

**Each night before I go to sleep I say a prayer and send a big THANK
YOU to the Universe for the gifts it brought that day.

Taking these steps will help you become a conscious creator of your
life. As you take these steps, don't worry about whether or not you're
doing these steps "perfectly". Just do them. As you do more and learn
more, leveraging the Law of Attraction in your life will becom e easier and
easier. Have FUN with this process. ENJOY your life. Be GRATEFUL for
the moment. FOCUS your attention on the now and act as if everything you
want is already on its way to you. It is! BELIEVE it!

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