Thursday, December 20, 2007

August 15 - Day Of Love

August 15 every year is a day of great significance to Indians all over. In the last few years, this day has acquired a much greater significance for devotees of Sri Amma Bhagavan the world over. It is the janmadina of Sri Amma celebrated as the "Day of Love"

"Transforming the world is not just the responsibility of a few sages and seers. To create a better world is the responsibility of every one of you. In this struggle for survival; innocence, love and values are being lost. It is you who has to uphold these values. Do not consider yourself to be ordinary beings. Each one of you has the infinite powers of the divine within you. You have the powers to see god in the heart of every human being and once you begin to see the divine in every man, you will able to love every living being, every individual. Through you gods power would flow into the world. Do not get habituated to lovelessness, through your words, through your loving actions and through your service. You could awaken every human being from his stooper of sufferings, self created misery and ignorance. It is because of you the whole world could be awakened, your taking up this responsibility is the beginning of the Golden Age this is my message to you today"
… Sri Amma

With prayers for a Grace filled celebration of Sri Amma's Janmadina for each of you.
Oneness Guides.
Aug 15, 2007.

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