Thursday, December 20, 2007

Acharyaji message to the Breakthru participants

Letter 1:

Dear Baby Angel,
Enormous love to you. This is to remind you to awaken to your true and ultimate destiny. Remember, you are an angel having a very human experience.Often times, you have had the desire to fly but you are disappointed since you have not yet grown wings.But you already know ?'the power to grow your wings rests purely in your hands. You have the choice. It is only when you help someone unconditionally when you can create a difference in someone's life, that you grow wings.This is the season for growing wings. This season between Nov 14 to the end of December, more than 100 million of your friends are growing wings.

This is the season for gratitude. Gratitude! But why? What for?Things that are wrong will always be there. Focus on what is beautiful about today - your child's laughter, your body (even if it has some aches and pains),the love of your life partner, the care of your parents, the warmth of your home, the security (even a little insecurity) at work, the friendship of your colleagues (even if some times they shout or grimace at you), the finances you have been able to create (small or big), the future you and your loved ones have shaped together, the past that sees to it you have a shirt on your back and that your children are able to build a future (even if you have a reason to think otherwise), the service you have been able to render to your organization down the line .Think of it all and fill yourself up with gratitude today and all this season.

Do Things with a difference. Stop complaining. Stop perceiving a sense of lack. Fill yourself up with gratitude you will have a different experience.A consciousness that perceives lack attracts poverty. That which is grateful draws abundance. Some of the finest experiences of life are awaiting you this season.Stubbornly refuse to feel bad about anything (even if you are tempted).Swell in gratitude. See the bounties of the universe unfold to you.Today, as the first step on this epic journey of your life - Why not begin with writing (actually) a letter to God?Why not thank God for all the beautiful gifts you have been bestowed with in life? Thank God for all the seeming coincidences and miracles that have happened down the line.

Thank God for all the miracles that are going to be yours in the near future (mention every one of them). Having done this, you could either preserve this letter in your altar, so you can see and note the difference that would occur in a year's time in your life or send them over to us so we too could pray for you at the temple.Sri Amma and Sri Bhagavan say If you recognize grace and be grateful, amazing coincidences would unfold in your life and in fact coincidences would become miracles. Grace when recognized and acknowledged multiplies.
Dear Friend, I would like to guide you through this experience of gratitude this entire month of November if it suits you. We could make one of the most beautiful journeys together along with a 100 million of our other friends.By the way, set yourself up for an altered experience of life. Exert yourself, fight against gravity, connect to the higher conscious now and here. Don't postpone. Take action.

Letter 2:
Dear friend,
Blessings to you from Sri Amma and Sri Bhagavan. Love and regards from me. Your letters to God were very touching and beautiful beyond words. The more you recognise grace, more is the power of God revealed to you.What I am going to share with you is a lesson Sri Amma, gave us as children 18 winters ago as we sat on a huge rock observing a sunset.

Sri Amma told us,"There are three kinds of people who walk the earth.
1. they that hurt even those who love them.
2. they that love only those who love them
3. they that love even those who hurt them
The first category of people are those who have eyes but cannot see.Who have a heart that beats relentlessly but still cannot feel. Theyare blind and dead to all love and care that is shown to them. They drink the love that is showered on them and yet hurt, neglect and ignore those that love. For them relationships are meant to be made use off. They are incapable of gratitude. They are a plague and a disease to mother earth. Never be one among them.
Children, the second among people are those who care only for those for those who love them. Their love is selfish and very limited. Their love lasts only so long as the other continuously loves them and plays to their tunes. They make use of people and are also willing to be made use off, so long as it is convenient to them.But gradually they become insensitive to love and care that they experience on an ongoing basis. These are the ordinary people who only survive but never get to know the joy of living.I would certainly expect you to become conscious of yourself to see if you are one of these.
The first and the second predominate the earth and hence the pain and the anguish you find everywhere.
The third among people are a blessing. It is these that maintain the balance of dharma in a world that is so adharmic and heartless. You find them everywhere, humble, innocent, mighty, great, rich, poor - among all sections of society. You may even find them in your own families.They perceive life to be an occasion for learning and therefore when people hurt them they see them messengers from the divine, who have come to teach them lessons.
Are they not your gurus who teach you deep spiritual lessons on uffering, on compassion, on forgiveness? Life is ultimately a quest to know oneself. Those that hurt you, are revealing to you your innermost emotions of anger, frustration, and venom etc. Since only that which lurks inside comes out when provoked. Therefore do not labour under the presumption of your being righteous and the other being unrighteous. Be humble enough to see the truth of whatever you are. Also be grateful that those who hurt you are taking away your badkarmic debts and cleansing you.The third kinds of people are the noblest of creation - since they return love for those who hurt them.

Dear friends,This message from Amma has stayed with me and all thosewho heard it that day, guiding and shaping our lives over the years.In this season of gratitude why not follow this profound message with an immediacy of action.

STEP 1: Take a book and a pen and make a list of all people who hurtyou- deep and superficial hurts. (If possible also remember all thegood they did to you as well. Do not benumb yourself to all the good they did to you, remembering the pain they caused. Include also into your list those who you think never did any good at all other than hurt you- that is the place you will experience the greatest satisfaction)
STEP 2: Make a list of simple and detailed ways in which you could touch their lives with love and gratitude. (In what ways could you help those who hurt you? However you can take precautions to see that you are not taken for a ride again)
STEP 3: Go ahead and do it now.
STEP 4: Report back to us the miracles that you experience along theway, since you surely will. Express gratitude Express gratitude - show it through a letter, a mail,a gift, an act or kind and affectionate words and you will see the floodgates of grace open to you.Greater your forgiveness and love - greater the grace. Take care that you do not however point out their mistakes and put them to shame in the very act of expressing love and thanks.

All the guides hold you in our prayers to Sri Amma and Sri Bhagavan.May their grace manifest in your life in the most beautiful forms.

Ever in Their service

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