Friday, December 21, 2007

"If you want to lift yourself up, lift up someone else" writing in here, a few things that i have learnt from the BREAK THRU drills, and the manner in which i have been implementing it :) and trust me, we can all have greater BREAK THRUs in life when we IMPLEMENT the teachings and APPLY em in our dialy lives :) here is one such thing we all will have experienced when we help others into get into BREAK THRU :).. read on....

Whenever people hit rock bottom, there’s a tendency to exhibit a knee jerk reaction to their precarious plight; to look to the outside for a hidden spark that can lift them out of their doldrums. But if our quest is to truly rise above life’s toils and troubles, where we can make our lives everything we want them to be regardless of what life tosses in our path; then maybe, just maybe, we should begin by first lifting up our own spirits. That’s right, LIFTING ourselves up, up and away!

And can there be a quicker way to enhance our inner feelings of self worth than to lift up those all around us? Hold on, wait a minute here; aren’t we trying to lift ourselves up? Yes, we are. Then why in the world are we looking to raise the spirits of those that surround us first? Because by lifting others, we will in turn lift our own feelings to heights previously unimagined. In short, we get better each time we make those around us better and even better yet; there is no limit on how much better we can get.
Bottomline: Let the BREAK THRU state get contagious :) and you will see tremendous energy levels around you, you will reach where you need to much FASTER, what more even the GODs will join in when you are in BREAK THRU !
God Bless,
Peace & Love
Ganeshkumar :)

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