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Summary of Third Secret revealed by Sri Bhagavan

For every person , .

Break throughs are required and necessary in life. Break through can be in the spheres of health, wealth , education, relationships in family or in any other sphere.
But break throughs are a must in one’s life today .

To achieve these break throughs , a good stand / a firm decision is very important.

Seven aspects to be reviewed are :-
1 body position
2 feelings
3 images
4 words
5 inner dialogue
6 positive belief system
7 firm stand

we need to make all the above seven aspects to be very positive and like those of rich people .

Body Position should be like that of a rich fellow. This leads to we having feelings similar to a rich fellow. Also these feelings can make your body position to be like a rich person. They are both interrelated .

Images that run in your mind also influence a lot .For example if u are given a broomstick and told to sweep a room , if the images that run in you are a broomstick
and cheta (telugu ) then u cannot do the work wholeheartedly. But if you have an image of a clean room and a dasaji praising you for cleaning the room so neatly you can do the same work in a very fast and better manner.

Never say words like not there(ledhu) ,I don’t have ,I don’t need (vaddu) and always say kavali (I require) instead of ledhu (don’t have) because if u are habituated to say in a negative manner . sometimes even when we enter good states like è (theta) and ä (delta) then also we speak in the same manner which leads to our destruction and harms us. Normally we are in á (alpha) and â(beta) during which whatever we say doesn’t effect us at all.

Inner dialogue or conflict like whether this will happen or not,whether I will pass or not also makes what we wanted not to have.

Consciousness is of three kinds:
1 conscious -what we know.
2 unconscious/lower conscious -what we donot know.
3 higher conscious /paratma -the greatest.

These are present in every individual as well as in the collective conscious. This is called one mind. Combination of all individual consciousness gives rise to collective consciousness. This is called synergic emergence. But, there need not be any relation between individual and the collective.
1 cells and human body.
2 Computers and internet.(without computers connected there is no internet and without internet the use of computers is limited).
3 Hydrogen and oxygen combined to give water. Both hydrogen and oxygen encourage fire but, water extinguishes fire.thus, the behaviour of collective varies from the individual.
This is like naras(humans) intogether give rise to narayana but narayana is not merely nara, but a bit greater.

This one mind always takes care of the individuals.some examples are :

1. in japan, once crabs were about to get extinct at that govt. banned eating crabs but yet people ate and they were abt to be extinct. At that time, on every crab’s back the face of a Japanese got visible and instead of eating they started to pray it as god.thus the one mind of crabs protected its species from extinction.
2. In Holland, when people complained abt the destruction made by bucks and deers at nights in residential areas, govt. passed a rule that these bucks can be killed if they stay in residential areas(before a particular line/border) beyond 12 midnight. at 5 minutes to 12, these animals were beyond this line but at 12 none was beyond the line. Does the bucks know that the govt passed a rule that they can be killed if they stay beyond the border of residential areas if they stay after 12,but they all crossed and out of residential areas, bcoz their one mind saved them.
3. In Brazil, a priest by name Martin dePolis was there.he was so powerful that he could even stop a flood. Once, rats ate the curtains in the church.when others wanted to kill the rats, this person told he will talk to rats. He talked to the one mind of rats and an agreement was made that food will be kept for rats dialy at a distance of 100 feet from church and rats should not enter church.this is continuing since 350 yrs till date..
4. Farmers in a village in Tamilnadu, grow paddy if birds which migrate to that place build nests at a higher level, and grow groundnut if birds build nests at a lower level. these birds build nests at a height just above the rainfall level so as to save their nests from water. how do they know abt rainfall in the year? it is their one mind that is helping them.
5. when ant hills are destructed the engineer ants that stay at depths of 50-80 feet come to ground and rebuild the anthill in minutes and go back. How do they know that their ant hill is being destroyed? It is again their one mind helping them.
6. snakes in varadayyapalem never bit a single person bcoz an agreement was made wth one mind of snakes that we wont kill them and they should not bite devotees. once, when a new security person killed 2 snakes due to lack of knowledge immediately a homa was done to satisfy the snakes and an agreement was made and till date, no devotee was bitten by a snake was reported.

As per Hindu Shastra, there are 84 lakh species of organisms and each have their one mind. The collection of these one minds was Parabrahma

Consciousness is like sand . u can make idols/toys (bommalu) with sand.
As u do dhayana well, consciousness goes down into u and u can actually hear Ome physically.this also instructs the heart(hrudayam), “this is the truth”. This is called Sat. It also says this is the essence of everything meaning “Knowledge with Consciousness and Conscious with Knowledge”. This is called Chit. These both come with Ananda. Hence Satchitananda. Parabrahma (as told above para) is the greatest form for all species. The one who works with the higher consciousness is called Paramathma( not the conscious or lower conscious). Hence the name Satchitananda. Parabrahma. There are several personalities in the paramathma like Rama, Krishna, Kalika Devi,etc whom we might call kula daivam.

The advantage of Hinduism is that we have a very great freedom. we can believe in any god.this is the reason why these many parties could sustain in India. While in USA and Britian, which has Christianity only 2 parties exist. In case of Islamic countries, there is virtually no democracy absolutely. Again there is an underlying disadvantage with this that we are not strong.

The lower conscious is described in Christianity,Judaism,etc as the Satan. We can achieve anything either from the higher or the lower conscious. But, if we earn from the lower conscious what we earn is not permanent and again on the long run we lose more than what we earn.indeed if we earn that way we lose everything. But it comes very fast if we get from lower conscious the reason being that it is like a rowdy( who works really fast).
Higher conscious is a bit slower but follows certainly.bcoz it follows nyayam and dharmam and hence is slower. also, it is the different personalities of siva, kalika devi that are contacted by lower and higher consciousnesses.
Both negative and positive should coexist for the running of this world(srusthi).Oneness and seperateness are required for running srusthi.
It is said “satan is the shadow of God”. and always a game/ battle between positive and negative goes on. and the playground for them is us.this makes us get sometimes feel guilty due to negative thoughts. And sometimes we praise ourselves when we get positive thoughts.these two if considered teams in a game can be called Goldcap and Blackcap teams.
People either feel this to be the end or some people leave it as it goes.knowing this to be a game is True Knowledge(Gnanam). For example,
1. A person of age 65 yrs and who did meditation(tapassu) for a long period felt really bad when he was getting lustful thoughts, thought to commit suicide and make murder. He came to bhagavan and asked this. Bhagavan asked him where and when he got such thoughts and bhagavan knew that place and said that at that place at 5.30pm in evening a lover pair committed suicide in this way. The boy holding the neck of girl with a rope and the girl hoding the boys neck with a rope and both tightened the ropes together and commited suicide. Bhagavan asked that person to go there after a week at that time 5.30pm and verify if he is getting such thoughts at that time and solved his problem.
2. Mahatma Gandhi when he was in jail, once got a thought to murder a person bcoz the person who made the food that day was a murderer.

Thus,you shuld know “your thoughts are not your thoughts” and one who understands this is a real “Gnani”.

We play game of both teams that is we play double games or play no game for these teams.
To join the Gold Cap team, we need to have 4 personalities.they are:
1. King – is one who can dynamically take decisions
For example, Rama, Krishna, Mahatma Gandhi all took decisions very spontaneously
2. Warrior – is one who believes life to be a game and always takes any challenge continuously in life.If u cannot face life as a warrior, u make suicide.
3. Magician – is one who says nothing is impossible.these people are generally rich like
For example, 1. Edison failed to make a bulb 10,000 times. He said after that these 10,000 materials are not fit to make a bulb.he finally made a bulb the next time.
2.Bata sent a person to Africa to increase their sales there.One fellow said no one even wears chappals here even while running, how do u think we can sell shoes to them?Another person went there after sometime.this person said here people don’t have chappals also,so immediately send not only shoes but also socks.
4. Monk – is one who doesn’t have much attachment to anything. Rama, Krishna, Gandhi did not have much attachment towards anything.
For Example, 1. Rama left to the forest without any pain.
2. Sardar Patel received a telegram when he was in court for his case. After the court proceedings, when someone asked what telegram he has got, he merely said my wife died. See here the least attachment these people have towards anything.

To get he above 4 personalities, u must do these sadhanas.
1. Think as a beggar, non-decision maker.asuume the worst. Ask Bhagavan to burn this negative personality of yours. And then develop as king and ask Bhagavan to build this personality.
2. Think as a coward. Ask Bhagavan to burn this negative personality of yours. And then develop as warrior and ask Bhagavan to build this personality.
Similarly make the sadhana for the other 2 personalities.

Designing yourself is very important.See yourself as a perfect person. To design your personality, we have to take care of the 6 needs of the mind. they are :
1. Certainity –Eg, we need to be certain that the madras train we catch will go to madras and not to kolkata. We need to be certain we will pass in an exam we write,etc.
2. Variety – man requires variety in food,dress,hairstyle,etc.
3. Significance – everyone likes him to be known as a great person, good player, good engineer,etc.
4. Love – we look for love from everyone around us.
5. Growth and 6. Contribution to Society

We can earn the first four either in a positive or negative manner like by saying lies and get significance, love, etc. but if we work in a positive way, work hard also we can get these.
The beauty of the above relation is to get the above said 4 personalities if we concentrate on Growth and Contribution we can get all 4 personlities as well as other 4 needs. Also, a person can concentrate on only 2 needs at a time. Thus, by concentrating on these two we get into Gold Cap team.

Eg : Getting rich for making employment for others is Gold Cap, while
Getting rich for yourself is Black Cap.
When there is a requirement for some personality, pray Amma and Bhagavan and get that personality.

Now, consider the timeline as a line. On one side is the One Mind and on the other is the Individual Mind. The time line has slots/holes. Sometimes or at Muhurthams, the collective consciousness leaks into the other side. It is called the Avatara Purusha( if it belongs to the higher collective conscious) else called Satan(if it belongs to the lower collective consciousness).
Some examples are :
1. Srinivasa Ramanujam was a failure in Mathematics. But he wrote a 400 page book in mathematics which consisted of only solutions but has no proofs. It is said that it is highly impossible for a single person to write those many solutions. The actual thing that happened is an angel by name Namagiri, which is fond of Mathematics wrote that book and thus it had no proofs. Also, at some point in the book the name of Namagiri was mentioned. One of the solutions formula gave rise to the evolution of polythene today.
2. benzene structure was highly complex. It was Kekule who saw in a dream at night that a snake biting it’s tail and made its structure which is very useful today.
3. Sewing Machine was invented by Singal. In his dream, he was with tribals, who threw him in burning oil in a basin and are hitiing him with a rod that had a hole. This person made a hole initially at he top of the sewing machine but failed. Now, he made a hole at the bottom of the needle of sewing machine and succeeded.
The avatara purusha now is referred in the moolamanthra as Sri Bhagavathi Sametha Sri Bhagavathe Namaha. Hence the moolamanthra.

Earth got a virus called man. This virus either kills the earth or kills itself. Bhagavan is making neither of this happen. This destruction by amn can be stopped in 2012 for the below reasons :
1. by 2012, earth completes 1300 crores of age out of its 2600 crores age.
2. for every 1,44,000 yrs core of earth stops rotating, stops for a while and rotates in opposite direction.when the core stops, earth’s magnetic field goes away. If we give Deeksha at this time, it si enormously powerful and can change a person. This happens in 2012.
Also, deeksha is more powerful when there is less earth’s magnetic field and vice-versa.
3. by 2012, the 500yrs of kalyug gets completed.
4. by 2012, another cycle of 26,000 yrs gets completed.
All these 4 cycles happen in 2012.

So, people in Gold Cap by 2012 are useful for Deeksha like a banyan tree from its hollow seed. If we fail in 2012 and black cap wins, earth gets destroyed.

If u are in the gold cap,as u touch Amma Bhagavan’s srimurthi, you get shock/ vibration/ silence either mild or strong. Enter this state dialy.

Forever at the Lotus feet of Amma Bhagavan

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