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Manifest What you want in Life using Thought Power and Law of Attraction

Remember, Like Attracts Like. YOU ATTRACT WHAT YOU FOCUS ON . These steps will help you focus on what you do want, rather than what you don't want. By using these steps you will be able to consciously create the life you want.

1. Take 100% Responsibility for Your Life and What You Create in It.

Only when you take full responsibility for your life can you create
what you want. Only then will you be able to fully choose your life
experiences. Only then will you stop being and seeing yourself as a victim of
your circumstances.

Your life will change for the better as soon as you take 100%
responsibility for your life and what you create in it. You'll feel more in
control. Your life will feel richer. Not only that, taking responsibility
for your life sends a big message to the Universe that says "Here I am!
I'm ready to live and this is what I want!"

2. Gain clarity about what you really want and then ASK for it.

To get what you want you have to be clear about what you want and then
you have to ASK for it. Ask who? The Universe.

If this sounds a little hokey, remember, we are creators at our core.
We are always creating, whether we are aware of it or not. We create
through the thoughts that we think and the feelings that we feel.
Therefore, if we are always creating, why not create what we want consciously?

The Universal Law of Attraction tells us Like Attracts Like. You
attract what you think about and feel the most. The Universe brings to you
what you focus on.

To create the life you want you must consciously focus your attention
on what you want and then hold your attention on it.

3. BELIEVE you will get what you want . You don't need to know HOW
you're going to get what you want; you just have to believe you will get it.

Don't let yourself get stuck in the HOW. Worrying about HOW you're
going to accomplish something will bury your best intentions under worry,
over-planning and fear.

Joe Vitale says in his book, The Attractor Factor, stay open to what
your gut's telling you and then take action on what it's telling you.
This kind of action is called "in spired action".

Inspired action comes from your gut. It's your intuition talking to
you. If you don't take action when the inspiration strikes the emotion
will soon pass, unless you apply your passion to some sort of activity.

Inspired action feels good. Inspired action comes from the core of who
you are. It is not something you "should" do, but rather it is
something you can do to get you closer to your goals.

Action will fuel you and your dream. You can figure out the steps as
you move forward. In other words, you don't have to have all the steps
figured out in order to take action. You just have to start. The rest
will fall into place.

4. Don't let your fears and doubts sideline you.

Have you had this experience: you set a goal for yourself, begin taking
action to achieve it and then suddenly get stuck in fear, worry and
doubt? What do you do when that happens?

Unfortunately for a lot of us we do one thing – we quit. We let our
fear get the best of us and we bail. And when we bail we beat ourselves
up, feel terrible and stay exactly where we don't want to be.

What's the solution? It's common to be faced with worry, fear and
doubts on the way to your dream. It happens to everyone! One of the best
ways to stay on track is to surround yourself with a support system, such
as a mastermind group, coach, and/or supportive friends and family.

By doing so you create an environment that supports you and your dream.
Even if the going gets tough, your support system will encourage you to
keep going.

5. Be open to RECEIVING what you want.

Receiving what you want isn't so much an act of DOING as it is an act

Has this ever happened to you; you want something – like a brand new
car. Every time you think of having a brand new car two things happen;
part of you feels good and part of you feels like getting a brand new car
is impossible. Which feeling do you think wins out? The one you feel
the most and with the most intensity.

"Receiving" what you want is more than just getting the physical thing
that you want; it's also putting yourself in "receiving energy". How do
you do that? You feel how good it is going to feel to get that new car
that you want (or job, or lover, or…) and you hold on to that feel good
feeling. You imagine how good it's going to feel to get what you want
AS IF you've already received it.

There are two ways you can do this:

1) Write out an affirmation that states "I am so happy and grateful now
that I'm driving my brand new 2007 Lexus…." As you write it out FEEL
how good it will feel to drive your brand new Lexus.

2) Use your imagination and put yourself in the feeling place of
already having what you want. Close your eyes, take a deep breath and imagine
yourself behind the wheel of your brand new car. Go for a test drive
right in your own living room! Enjoy it.
Putting yourself in the feel good place of having received what you
want puts you in the "right" energy to attract what you want. Why? Like
Attracts Like. When you feel as though you have it, and you love every
minute of having it, you're putting lots of "I love having this" energy
out into the Universe. The Universe can only do one thing – send it your

6. Create daily rituals.

Do the previous steps feel like a lot to swallow? I know at first they
can be but over time leveraging the Law of Attraction in your life will
become second nature. You can speed up that process by creating

Rituals, or meaningful and consistent routines, are actions you take
for the sake of keeping you on track and focused on the big picture you
have for your life.

What are some rituals that would be fun and keep you on track? Here's a
list of examples from a Author :

**I created a vision board of what I want to BE, what I want to DO and
what I want to HAVE th is year. Everyday I look at the board I created
and imagine the board represents my reality right now. I put myself in
the feeling place of BEING who I want to be, DOING what I want to do,
and HAVING what I want to have, AS IF it is all happening right now.

**Each morning I start the day by focusing on what I am grateful for in
my life. Being grateful for what is NOW opens you up for more good
things to come your way. It's as if you're sending the Universe a message
that says you appreciate all that you've been given and all that you are
about to receive.

**Each night before I go to sleep I say a prayer and send a big THANK
YOU to the Universe for the gifts it brought that day.

Taking these steps will help you become a conscious creator of your
life. As you take these steps, don't worry about whether or not you're
doing these steps "perfectly". Just do them. As you do more and learn
more, leveraging the Law of Attraction in your life will becom e easier and
easier. Have FUN with this process. ENJOY your life. Be GRATEFUL for
the moment. FOCUS your attention on the now and act as if everything you
want is already on its way to you. It is! BELIEVE it!

Thursday, January 10, 2008

What's Going to Happen in the Near Future??

We all have heard a lot about 2012, Satyuga, Golden age, Age of Aquarius etc!!
So what if we reach there….. What after that?????
What's Going to Happen in the Near Future??

What usually happens is that when we approach this point in the precession where this change takes place, everything begins to break down - all the social structures,etc begin to dissolve and break down. The key that does it is the magnetic field of the Earth. Which as present-day science realizes may also be the key that enables the axis to shift in the first place through magneto- hydrodynamics, where the magnetic field supports a connection where liquid aspects of the earth's composition become solid. When the field collapses, some solids become liquid and become slippery. They have demonstrated this in laboratories. The magnetic field and the electromagnetic field are the key. The magnetic field is what we use to interpret who and what we think we are, and also to store our memory with. We need an exterior magnetic field to retain memory. We cannot live without some form of magnetic field. If you look at major cities all over the world, you will notice that the day before, after and during the full moon there is more rape and murder going on. The reason is that the full moon tends to cause a ripple in the magnetic field of the earth, and this change is enough to take people that are emotionally near the edge over the edge. The magnetic field affects the emotional body.

The Collapse of the Magnetic Field

This will happen in 2012 or earlier,Imagine a planet where you are at a point on the precession where things are starting to get out of balance. Suddenly the magnetic field of the Earth, over a very short period of time (usually three to six months) starts fluctuating a lot and undulating. What happens is that people start losing it. They go crazy. That is what breaks down all the structures of the planet. Without their balance, everything falls apart. The magnetic field will go away entirely for at least three and one half days. Usually you will see a buildup of chaos.

Morphological Grid Interactions

Every time one person plugs into the consciousness grid, they increase the signal from the grid. There will come a point where people will just start remembering and start breathing this way. Children will have the least problem. The older you are the harder it is.

The Final Time of Axis Shift and Dimensional Interface

Hopefully it won't really get crazy out there - if it does, that is where the idea of Armageddon comes in. If you look back through the records, you will see that when the axis shifted in 1400 A.D., in South America, they all started fighting and warring with each other, because their emotions got so strong. Hopefully, that won't happen.

About five to six hours before the dimensional shift in consciousness, the process (which is usually tied to an axis shift) begins. Axis shifts and shifts in consciousness are usually tied together. In this case, the consciousness shift may happen before or after the axis shift. Usually they are simultaneous, and usually what happens in this period five or six hours before a dimensional shift is a visual phenomenon. This almost for certain will happen as 3rd and 4th dimension begin to interface, and our consciousness begins to move into 4th dimensional consciousness and 3rd dimensional consciousness begins to recede away. When that happens, synthetic manufactured objects which consist of materials which do not occur naturally on the Earth, begin to disappear over a wide gradient, depending what the materials are. They do not disappear all at once. When the grid of 3rd dimensional consciousness begins to break down along with the collapse of the magnetic field, these synthetic objects begin to disappear over this five or six hour period. Since axis/conscious/grid changes have happened continously for millions of years, this is why there are few manufactured objects from previous civilizations (some of which have been more advanced than ours) which remain to tell the tale.

The fact that objects start to disappear really starts to make people who do not understand what is happening go crazy. That is why it is important to remember this. It is a natural process, and when this starts to happen you should get to a place that is natural, not inside an artificial structure. You want to be out on the earth. This is the reason why very advanced civilizations built structures out of natural materials, like stone. They make it through the dimensional changes and remain there.

This is also why at the Taos pueblo, which is 1,400 years old, they are not allowed by tribal law to have anything synthetic in their buildings. They know that when the day of purification comes, they go in and remain centered.

There is another phenomenon that will probably happen. As the dimensional interface occurs, 4th dimensional objects may appear in the 3rd dimensional world. They will be objects that will not seem to fit in anywhere with colors that will boggle your mind. These objects will impact your mind in ways you cannot understand. Since gradual movement through the interface is desired, do not touch any of these objects (to touch one would pull you instantly and fully into the 4th dimension) or look at them. They are mesmerizing, and looking at them will pull you more rapidly into the 4th.

If you are calm and centered, you will be able to watch all of this for a time, but not for long. As soon as the magnetic field collapses, your field of view and vision will disappear and you will find yourself in a black void. The 3rd dimensional Earth, for all intents and purposes, will be gone for you. What happens to most people during this time is that they will fall asleep and start dreaming during this period, which lasts about three to four days. If you want you can just sit there, but realize that whatever you think is going to happen will happen. Realize that you are about to literally go through a kind of "birth" process into the 4th dimension, and don't worry about it. The process is perfect and natural, but fear is a big problem for humans on a 3rd dimensional level. This appears to be a new process, but it is very very old. You have done it before. At some time during the process you may in fact remember that you have done it before.

The Other Side

As the 4th dimensional world comes into perception, light comes back again. You will find yourself in a world the likes of which you have never seen (although you have, but you will not remember it because your memory has been erased so many times before). It will feel like a brand new place. All the colors and shapes and the feel of everything will be new. You will be perceptively just like you were when you came into 3rd dimensional conscious- ness, except that you will be the same size you are now. There are a lot of things that are very similar from world to world - one of them is the idea of the holy trinity (mother-father-child). As you enter into this brand new place, although you won't understand anything, you are going to see two beings standing there - mom and dad; they are going to be very big compared to you. They are going to be about ten to sixteen feet tall. One will be male and one will be female. These beings have a bond with you and will guide and protect you during your early formative period in this world. These beings do not have the kind of attachment to you that parents on Earth might have had. From the very beginning, they know that you are part of the Creator and recognize your divine nature. You will appear just like you are now, though more than likely naked, since any synthetic clothing will not have made it through the shift.

You will come out the other side and be in this incredible reality with these two beings that you somehow feel this intense love towards, although you won't understand why. Although your physical form is exactly the same, the atomic structure in your body will have changed dramatically. Much of the denseness of the previous physical structure will have been converted into energy, and the atomic structure will be farther apart than before. Most of your body will have been converted into energy, but you won't know that.

The Many Are Called - Few Are Chosen Scenario

In the Bible, Jesus said "two of you shall be in bed and one of you I shall take". This speaks of a "many are called-few are chosen"scenario, which is often what happens, but you can only do so much to help someone. You will go through this process alone. It will be determined by your character and who you are.

What usually happens is that some people go through and some do not make it through, but there is a third possibility - that someone will have just made it through. Jesus spoke of a parable about the wheat and the chaff as an analogy. The wheat that goes through had some weeds with it. Who takes the weeds out? The weeds do. You take yourself out. When you get to the 4th dimensional conscious- ness, most people don't know that you are creating the entire world and every- thing in it second by second by your thoughts and your feelings - every- thing. It is true in the 3rd dimension as well, but it is not realized because we have culturally put all these limitations on ourselves that we can't do anything. There, it's all inclusive and instantaneous. If you are there and you are not really ready for it and you start thinking negative thoughts and fear comes in, you will create a scenario which will result in your being thrown back into a lower dimension.

At the same time, the "wheat" is going through, and sitting there and thinking "love, truth, beauty, peace and harmony" - and that is what happens. You start manifesting all of it. You become stable in the new reality because of what you are thinking and feeling - your character and who you are. Jesus, referring to this time, said "if you live by the sword you shall die by the sword" and "the meek shall inherit the Earth". Those who are there and not trying to protect, kill or anything else along those lines, but just being and thinking positive thoughts - that is what manifests, and you've just won the game.

After the entities who are not resonant ("chaff") are gone and the resonant entities ("wheat") remain, one of the first things that begins to happen is that you begin to realize that "hey, whatever I think happens!". Usually people look at their bodies in this light and begin to change their appearance to suit whatever idealized image they have in mind - it's a childlike exercise. If you look at some of the non-terrestrial races, they are all tall, beautiful and healthy. The self-modification of body structure is a natural occurance from the 4th dimension onward. It is a creative expression. After that, other things become more interesting as activities.

On Earth in the 3rd dimension, it takes roughly 18-21 years to go from a baby to someone who can go out and take care of themselves. On the 4th dimensional world, experientially, it takes about two years to go from your present size and state (when you first arrive) to an adult - and you start growing again. Your body grows, your head elongates in the back, and you end up looking like Ahknaton. This is what the Egyptian egg of metamorphosis what about.

All this explains why it is essential that you maintain peace within during the first few hours of the dimensional interface and progression into the next area of dimensional consciousness. Again, work on your character. The moment you establish the Merkaba during this time, you've made it. Its the inner technology that is most important. Helping others is very important. As you understand more of what this is about, you have a moral responsibility to help if they ask.
Your Cosmic Development

During this shift, there is a polarity with your "higher self" which merges into your current state of consciousness to the point where you and it become one.

A very high level of dimensional consciousness has as its "body" the planet Earth. You, on a high level of consciousness, have as your body the body you are currently using. Literally, someday you will become suns and stars in the sky - it is part of the process of life.
Your new "Parents"

Relative to these beings you will encounter, your new "parents", you already will have a "karmic" bond with them; they will guide and protect you during the first two years until you can go out on your own. They realize your true divine nature as part of the creation, unlike Earth parents, many of whom view their children as "possessions" to be "controlled". If your new parents wanted to tell you something, you would simply experience it. If they wanted to tell you about a room, you would be in it. It is sort of like an extension of a higher level of dream time from the 42+2 level of consciousness. The 4th dimensional realm is really not that much different than the 3rd dimension in some ways. It's still a world which has a physical aspect to it.

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Q)Bhagavan, what is the difference between your teachings and the other great teachings?

A)Basically, for example, other teachers say, "Be aware of your mind. Be
a witness." and all those things. What I am saying is, "It is not
possible for man. Most teachings are impractical. If one tries to
practice it, he might actually go into certain problems you know. Like,
he may become insane. People will become depressed, all kinds of problem
will occur. People may commit suicide. Many things will happen like
that, because those teachings cannot be practiced. For example, they
talk about "Practicing Awareness". That's impossible! To practice it.
But, my statement is - They are describing their state. They did not
practice those things and get that state. They got that state. Because
they got that state, it was possible for them to be aware of. Without
the state you cannot be aware of. Similarly, when it comes to Ramana
Maharishi, my stand is - Ramana Maharishi first had a death experience.
Therefore the question "Who am I" made sense to him. But to
a person without a death experience it won't make any sense. So, my
stand is - Most teachings won't work. They give some clarity about life.
But then you cannot practice them, because you must be in an altered
state of consciousness. Then it is very natural.

For example, it is very natural for a man to be jealous, very natural
for a man to be angry. So, if you are talking about not being jealous,
not being angry - you must be like a Buddha or a Christ. Buddha and
Christ had a different state of consciousness. So, my stand is, I will
give you that state. Once I have given you that state, then naturally
you have no jealousy, you have no anger, you have no frustration, you
have love and bliss. But you can't try to get love, because the love
that we are talking about is unconditional love. However much you try
you can't get there. You are full of jealousy. Through effort you can't
get to non-jealousy. From jealousy you can only go into jealousy, you
can't go into non- jealousy. So whatever you do, you are trapped. So my
whole thing is - this whole thing is not a psychological process. It is
a biological process. Now what I do is, I basically work on the human
brain to activate this mystical power. So infact I myself don't have to
work directly also. These Dasas who are enlightened, they are in tune
with me. Everyday we do this process. I transfer the power to them and
they inturn will go and touch. Then, as they touch, the brain undergoes
a transformation. So, to me, if you take Ramana Maharishi, his brain
underwent that transformation. Therefore Ramana Maharishi is in that
state. Jiddu Krishnamurthy is in that state because his brain underwent
that process. A Buddha is a Buddha because his brain underwent that
process. So, unless your brain also undergoes that process, you cannot
be a Buddha, you cannot be a Ramana Maharishi, you cannot be a Jiddu
Krishnamurthy. You cannot be anybody.

So that is why I am telling, all teachings are useless. All that they
can do is that they can make you into a seeker. You start desiring for
it. They are describing Bombay, so begin to seek Bombay. You know there
is no way for you to get to Bombay, because you must undergo the same
Neuro-Biological transformation that these teachers underwent. What is
involved here is Neuro-Biology. So what we give is called the "Deeksha".
The Deeksha is transfer of power to certain parts of the
brain. Then certain parts get activated, certain parts get deactivated
and you can get into any spiritual states you seek for. It could be a
Christian state, it could be an Islamic state, it could be a Buddhist
state, or a Taoist state. So each of these states depend on a particular
activity of the brain. So I belong to all faiths. I have Christians, I
have Muslims in the movement, you know. So whatever state you want I can
give it to you. So, my whole teaching is - IT HAS TO BE

Q)Is there any difference between the various states you mentioned - the
Buddhist, Islam, Christian and the Taoist states?

A)There is a difference. A Buddhist state will be, for example,
technically when we speak, you know what is called the Agneya Chakra? If
that Chakra is activated you get a Buddhist state. If Visshudhi is
activated you get a Islamic state. If Anahatha is activated you get a
Christian state. If the Sahasrara is activated you get a Hindu state. So
these Chakras are actually located in different parts of the brain. But
what is common is, in all those states there is no suffering. There
is love. There is joy. But the actual experience is different between
each state. So as far as I am concerned, you choose your state and I am
prepared to give you that state. I can just give it to you, because I
know what technicality is behind it. Without knowing the technicality,
simply going on talking, talking, talking, what is the use? and the poor
seeker goes on listening to teachings. But things won't happen. He'll
loose interest in his family life, he'll loose interest in the
world. Ultimately he'll become depressed. 30 to 40 years he will be
seeking. He will be doing sadhana. He'll get some peace, some joy, but
no progress. He begins to loose interest in spirituality and religion.
He becomes frustrated. Then ultimately he becomes a nuisance in the
family itself. Being a frustrated man he cannot enjoy life. So he
becomes a burden on others. Anybody who is unhappy, who is frustrated,
who is suffering, he will cause trouble to others.

So that is why I do not believe in propagating teachings. My thing is -
Come, straight away get the state. After you have got the state, use the
teachings to understand the state. Suppose you are in a Buddhist state,
the Buddhist teachings will help you know exactly where you are. A
Christian teaching will help you get clarity into a Christian state. The
teachings come after the state, not before. So I maintain, all teachers
are putting the cart before the horse. So, if you are a good
teacher, give the seeker the state. Give it to him first. After having
given it, then give the teaching. You may give a little in the beginning
to help him seek. That's all. Then quickly go on to the state itself. If
you have no ability to give the state, then you have no right to talk.

Suppose I am talking to you something, I must be in a position to give
you that state. If I cannot give you, I should not talk. I should not
say - "Oh, so beautiful my state is. You also try, you will get it."
Well, it does not happen that way. Ramana Maharishi did not apply his
teachings to himself. He first got the state. It happened to him. Then
he began to speak. Jiddu Krishanmurthy, did not apply his teachings. He
got the state. Thereafter he began to talk. So, is there any single
teacher who has applied his teaching and got there? Nobody. So when you
have not applied and got there, how is it you teach others? You are
telling, "You practice compassion, you practice love, you over come
lust". Is it so easy to overcome lust? Do this and do that. And the poor
fellow keeps trying and trying. And the enlightened person is made into
a model. He thinks that's how you become that. He is trying and he is
ruined. That is why I am against the practice of spirituality. So in
that way I am very very different from other teachers. They say - Nobody
can give it to you. You have to make it on your own. I am telling, "Till
dooms day you will not make it on your own. It has to be given to you".
Exactly opposite. That's where we differ.

Everyday I am producing hundreds of sages. You can come and see. It'll
take 3 to 4 minutes. That's all. One touch and a seer is produced. You
can meet the villagers - Muniamma, Kuppamma, Munuswamy - in unimaginable
states. All that happened was just one touch. Then the teachings come
out. Now if they talk, they will excel some of the greatest teachers of
all times, because their state is talking. You can see live people,
ordinary people, ordinary villagers, not just one or
two - hundreds. Fully enlightened, who can do miracles, healing
miracles. So, this is a strange village. Even as you walk you will be
meeting Ramana Maharishis and Buddhas. But only things is they are not
as famous as Ramana Maharishi and Buddha. They are ordinary people. That
is the only difference. When you talk you will know. "My goodness what
is this!" They have been produced liked that. If you are a true guru,
you must produce it. Otherwise why do you teach?

Q)Is this movement based on scientific theories?

A)Mine is purely science. See if I meet a Neuro-Biologist, I will talk
to him in terms of temporal lobes, parietal lobes - so I will talk in
terms of pure science. So I go hand in hand with science. I welcome
science and I believe the day has come when science and spirituality go
together. So for me everything is science only.

Miracles do happen. This movement is producing healers everyday. So we
train up people to be very good healers. Some miracles I do myself. If
you talk of science, there was a lady recently whose tongue was cut off
in the cancer institute. Now the tongue has come. But, they are not
speaking a word about it. They are only telling that Chemotherapy was
done and it became alright. They are not speaking one word about the
growth of the tongue. That, I am saying is not science. If you are true
to science you must say, "The tongue has grown". You must investigate
it. How can you suppress a fact? When you have cut a tongue and the
tongue has come back. This does not happen in western countries.

Q)Bhagavan, are you God?

A)Basically, it is like this. God essentially is unmanifest. That is, He
cannot be seen, He cannot be spoken to. But He is there. But since you
cannot see, you cannot speak to, He is as good as not being there as far
as you are concerned.

Then, the God that people normally talk about is the God who you call as
Antaryamin. i.e., He can be seen inside, you can talk inside; He can
appear to so many and disappear. That's what people normally refer to as
God. Sometimes God can incarnate in physical form. That's what is called
an Avatar. I am an Avatar. In that sense I am God. But if you
ask me - am I that unmanifest God right now, I am certainly not because
I am fully physical. But I am God in the sense that I am an Avatar. So,
God has these three faces. The example I give for this is - steam, water
and ice. They are the same thing. As steam, it is everywhere. You can't
control it. A liquid is more controlled, but still it is moving. Ice is
much more solid. The physical Avatar is something very solid. So,
Miracles happen around the physical Avatar. You can come to me. You can
talk to me about your problem. The problem is solved. If you come to me,
I can say, "OK, this will happen, that will happen". Many, many miracles
will happen. Now, it is very easy to contact me than to contact the
manifested God and still more difficult to contact the unmanifest God.
That is the advantage. You take my picture and you talk to me. The
response comes back.

And I am not claiming that I am the only Avatar. There have been Avatars
from time to time. The world is full of Avatars through whom God is
acting. That's all.

How can we tackle the Ayodhya issue?

To me all problems, whether they are economical problems, or political
problems, they all emanate from one basic problem. That is, man is not
enlightened. So, if one problem disappears, another problem will crop
up, if you are not enlightened. Today, it might be Ayhodhya, tomorrow it
might be something else. So the ultimate solution is that man must
become enlightened. And I maintain that large numbers of people will
become enlightened, starting from June 2004 and by September-November
2012, most of humanity will be enlightened. When that happens? The
problem will just disappear. That is my solution to the world's
problems. I don't believe in national boundaries. Dividing the world
into nations, into countries, into religions - as long as there are
divisions there will be suffering. All divisions must go. If all
divisions must go, the 'Self' must go. That is Enlightenment. Unless man
becomes Enlightened, there will one problem or the other. Say there
is water in the pipe. If you press it here, it will bulge somewhere
else. If you press it there, it will bulge somewhere else again. Ayodhya
might go, something else might crop up. Where is the end to all this ?
So, the ultimate solution is that man must be transformed. If man is
going to live the way he is living, he will destroy himself. With all
these nuclear weapons, ecological pollutions and other conflicts. We are
only racing towards destruction. Unless there is a transformation in his
consciousness and he becomes a totally new being, there is no hope for
man. I am interested in man's problem. That will take care of this
problem also.

Suppose Hindus and Muslims, they can no more see themselves as Hindus
and Muslims, where is the Ayodhya problem? But otherwise where is the
solution? The same thing can be applied for India-Pakistan also. It also
boils down to a religious problem only. And you must out grow religion,
which means you must outgrow the 'Self'. So, we need a radical
transformation of man, which is possible. I never talk about that which
is impossible. I can demonstrate to you that it is possible.

What is the root cause of fundamentalism? How can it be rooted out?

You see, fundamentalism is basically because people are not able to cope
up with the changes that are happening. The world is moving too, too,
too fast. So the old is not prepared to give way to the new. If you are
not prepared to give way to the new, then fundamentalism arises. It can
be Islamic fundamentalism, it can be Christian fundamentalism, it can be
Hindu fundamentalism. But the fact is we cannot stop these changes from
occurring. So, more changes are likely to take place and there could be
a growth in fundamentalism also. Again and again I see only
Enlightenment as the solution, because the world
is growing very, very fast. You are not prepared to give up your old
ways, which means you have become a fundamentalist. That's what is
happening. Islamic world is not able to cope up with the changes that
are occurring and that is the root cause of fundamentalism. So, if you
must be able to cope up with these changes, you must outgrow the 'Self'.
So, ultimately, you come back to enlightenment as the solution.

How can we achieve this kind of Enlightenment?

What I am maintaining is - 60,000 people must become fully enlightened.
If 60,000 people become fully enlightened, all else is automatic. i.e.
Automatically everywhere people will become enlightened. That's all.
It's automatic. A natural process. But to trigger it 60,000 people must
go into a very high state of enlightenment. If they emerge on the
planet, then the whole planet will be in that state. So my work is only
to produce those 60,000 people. So, I believe that by 2012 I will be
able to achieve it. Latest is 2012. It could well happen before that.
When that happens, their mere presence on the planet brings the
transformation. You don't have to know about the movement, come to the
movement, nothing. Wherever you are, suddenly one fine morning you will
be enlightened. You'll become very calm, loving and peaceful. It's
natural. It happens. That's all. That's what we are doing. So we have
allotted some numbers to every country. We have people in every country.
All are working towards this. So, if 60,000 people if we successfully
reach, it's all over.

What is your vision and mission?

My vision is that there must be the Golden Age by 2012. My mission is to
make 60,000 people enlightened. That's my mission. The way is - I give
Deeksha. That's my vision, mission and way. I simply give Deeksha. I am
not asking you to do some terrible practice. You simply come and take
Deeksha. That's all. You are enlightened. Like this I want 60,000

Is the state you intend to give a permanent and irreversible one?

Yes, yes. Because this is a Neuro-Biological transformation. It is not
psychological. If it is psychological, it'll come, it'll go. I am not
working on the software. I am working on the hardware - the brain
itself. I am bringing about the mutation of the brain. Because when the
brain has changed, the hardware has changed. It's permanent. If it's
only in the software, it'll be there for a few days, few hours, few
minutes, few seconds and go away. This is a hardware transformation. You
can meet these enlightened people actually to understand this
transformation. I am not talking about something that is going to happen
in the future. I am talking about things that have happened. Its
finished. We have every country. We have Japanese, we have Russians, we
have Americans, we have Swedes, we have Indians, all in these states.
We are producing more and more. That's what it is. We are basically
giving it to people.

After bringing in the Golden Age, what is next?

See, the 'next' is of no consequence to me at all. Because what would
have happened is, in the Golden Age, people would be happy. My only goal
is to make people happy. Once that happens, it's Good Bye. They can do
whatever they want. I have no other goal. It is to make people happy.
That's all. After that they should be full of joy and bliss. There
should no suffering. If a person is happy - eating, drinking, walking -
everything is joy for him. So, whether he is driving a
Bullock cart on the road, that's not my problem. But you should be

Can you tell us about your transformation from Vijay Kumar to Bhagavan

See, there has been no psychological transformation in my consciousness.
From day one, it has been the same.

Who is your guru?

I have no guru. It is not that I was seeking enlightenment and I finally
became enlightened. For me from day one it's the same thing. This Vijay
Kumar to Bhagavan transformation happened in a place called Somangalam,
Madras, where we had retreats. Some people began to see me coming in a
horse - a vision, with a sword and all that. So they began to use the
word Kalki. Slowly it began to spread. And they were composing some
songs and they were singing. That's how it got stuck. We made some
efforts to remove that name. But the more we made efforts the more it
got stuck. Especially, people in North India refused to accept any other

But I am not saying that I am the Kalki of the puranas. So I am not
claiming all those things at all. Simply it's a name. What I am
maintaining is - Yes, I can give Enlightenment. I have the power to give
Enlightenment. This is the highest. In India it is believed that only
the greatest Avatar of God can give Enlightenment. That's the general
belief. You can do miracles, but giving Enlightenment is a different
story. I am not claiming anything more.
You come, whether you have faith or not, belief or not, I can still give
it to you. That's all there is to it.

Is there Mukthi? Is it possible to achieve?

Yes... hundreds achieved Mukthi. Thousands infact. Not just hundreds.
Its not a question of - can they achieve. They have achieved it. It's
over. You should meet and talk to them. You must meet Mukthas.

Is it possible to picturise that state of mind?

You can't picturise it.

Do all the Mukthas have miraculous power?

Not exactly. Some have the power to heal and some don't have. Not that
every Muktha has got the power to do something. Some have, some don't
have. That depends upon what you are seeking. Some have no interest in
miracles, so for such people we won't give those powers.

Is it possible to eliminate Human suffering through Dhyana?

See, Dhyana can help reduce the suffering a little bit. Beyond that any
Sadhanas are useless. All Sadhanas are only up to a point. After that
the returns are not there. It's not worth it. Up to a point, yes it's
OK. The only solution is Enlightenment. When Enlightenment happens you
are in a state of Dhyana 24 hours.

For all social, political and economical problems, is Enlightenment the


Only solution?

Yes. The only solution. The ultimate solution. Let us say a man and a
woman are fighting. Suppose he or she is enlightened, there is no fight.
The Gundas in this Village (Varadhayapalem, Andhra Pradesh) are
conducting Sathsang now. This is a place where, when I came, people told
me - Why did you come to this place? It is such a terrible place. Full
of wife-beating. I said - I want exactly that place. Today the Gundas
are conducting sathsangs. So what has happened is transformation. They
don't drink. There is no wife beating. Everything has happened. Here,
water used to stagnate and there used to be cesspool everywhere. Now
everybody is co-operating. So, there is drainage and water does not
stagnate anywhere. There is a health
revolution taking place. People have stopped drinking. There is no wife
beating. There is love in the family. Everything is changing, through
Enlightenment. What could not be achieved by any rural organization has
been achieved by transforming the person.

What is the real meaning of Enlightenment?

See, to be enlightened is not to feel separate from the other. You are
there. You feel you are separate from all these people. Suppose you are
to become enlightened, you will say you only are the other. If you feel
that way, where can there be conflict? There can only be love. Isn't it?
That's all there is to it. And always there is happiness also. A happy
person cannot trouble others. An unhappy person will be pinching other.
Will give pain to others. After Enlightenment nobody gives trouble to
another. Everybody is happy. You will find in this village, all people
gathering, singing and dancing. All kinds. Caste is not a problem. Once
you are Enlightened there is no caste. The Harijan, the Bramhin, all
will be singing and dancing. Everything goes off. The caste is gone.
Muslims dancing with Hindus - you can see it in this
village. Everything has happened because they are in a different state.
They are all helping. You don't find street fights. Completely
transformed. And we had taken up this place because it was a horrible
place. That's where we have proved it. Total transformation.

Every month we are having a program. At least 500 people come for
Enlightenment from the local villages. People are standing in a queue,
because we cannot take more than that. It is spreading very fast.
Imagine the whole of India Enlightened. Then, what happens to all the
problems that we are talking about? There is a coolie in this village
who is Enlightened. Now, every rich man wants her to come their house
and perform Kalasha Pooja in their house. It's a pride to invite her to
their house now. All social dynamics have changed.

Westerners are also watching us very closely, because their interest is
that, if it can be done in other in other countries then terrorism can
be avoided. That is their interest. Therefore they are studying us very
closely. How come people are getting transformed so suddenly? Because
this does not take much time. Yesterday you were very ordinary. Today
you are transformed. Just 24 hours. And it's irreversible and permanent.
So what more can somebody ask for? Poor people in villages are dancing
in joy and they call their dance "The dance of Freedom". Even the
richest man in Karnataka cannot have 1/1000th of their joy. And ofcourse
along with this joy you will also become prosperous. The mind is so
clear. Whatever they touch, it is successful.

If Veerapan or Bin Laden are given the Deeksha, will they also be transformed?

Yes. If you bring Veerappan or Bin Laden, they'll be completely
transformed. It'll be over. Anybody can be transformed. Straight from
jail you can bring them. In regular jails of Andra Pradesh, we brought
about tremendous transformation. Strangely their cases have been
dismissed and they all have gone out also without criticizing the
Government (at Srikakulam). We have also had requests from other
countries like Siberia to go and work in their jails.

What are the means to become happy?

To me happiness is when you help others. But helping others is not so
easy. When I do this Neuro-Biological transformation, you naturally feel
like helping others. And as you help others you become happy. You can
try and see. When you help you become happy. But you must be naturally
helping others, which is a state of mind.

What is your expectation from the press?

The press must play a very constructive role in building the society. It
is very often portraying negative news. It must do something very
positive because it is a very powerful tool. It can really push people
to do certain things. If that can be achieved it is a great thing.

How is it going to be in the next 10 years?

I am producing Enlightened people by the hundreds everyday. Soon it's
going to be an explosion. I will say this is the last phase of man. It
is like - Man has been building a house for so many thousands of years
now. And 2004 to 2012 is the grahapravesham. Man has reached the final
stage after all these years of struggle. You will see a very different
world, which you cannot even imagine now and it will happen very
fast,very, very fast.


Friday, January 4, 2008

How to be FREE from sufferings?.. here is how our BHAGAVAN guides us through :)

Question: Nobody in this world is free of sufferings. To be free from sufferings what should be done?

Sri Bhagavan:
That�s very simple. Please follow seven truths to be free from suffering. 1. Everything comes from a single source. It could be God or Energy. There is no beginning and end to life.

2. If you identify this source, you�ll not differentiate between good, bad, right or wrong. All these things are our views. Everything came from one source.

3. Life is nothing but your search for �Self�. In your life, things that happen to you, people you see, everything reflects your �Self�. If you are suffering from poverty, it means there something wrong within yourself. You have to correct this to get out of poverty. If you have hatred, then who ever you see will exhibit the same quality. If you have evil thoughts, people you meet will also have evil thoughts. Try to understand yourself first.

4. Realize that anything you experience in this Life is by God�s grace. Supposing you slip while walking, try to realize that as God�s grace too. If you see God in everything, your life will become wonderful.

5. Realize that anything you experience in this Life is just a �test� for you by God. It is not a bad experience. If it is considered as a bad experience then it would mean that God is not compassionate. If you experience a problem, consider it an opportunity for you to face it and come out of it. You�ve been given people, wealth and confidence to face challenges. If you understand this, your confidence will improve. Just to test your confidence God gives you a test.

6. If you realize that anything you experience is a test for you by God, then you�ll be able to think deep about the problem and handle it in a better way. You�ll understand its result. Then you�ll have no fear.

7. If you understand the above 6 truths, then there will be an enormous transformation in your body. From then on, you�ll not only have compassion, but you�ll become that �compassion�.

If you follow these, your relationships would improve. It�ll be filled with love. If you attain this stage you are ready for the �operation� I mentioned. You�ll experience the divine grace experienced by saints like Ramana, Adishankara. You�ll have no fear or sorrow. You�ll have only Joy. Don�t try to analyze this logically. Our aim is Mukthi. If you follow these truths for even 21 days, you�ll be joyful. The problem with us is we spread just the sorrow and sufferings. That�s why Earth is dying. After you experience Joy and Happiness you�ll be able to spread only Joy and Happiness to others.

Always at the lotus feet of Amma Bhagavan,

Peace & Love
Ganeshkumar :)

Meaning of Moola Mantra


Sat Chit Ananda Parabrahma

Purushothama Paramathma

Sri Bhagavathi Sametha

Sri Bhagavathe Namaha

Following is a simple translation

Sat means very simply Existence.

It can also relate to the Un-Manifest.

Chit is consciousness.

Ananda is Bliss

Parabrahma means the Divine in a formless aspect

Purushothama is the Divine in a human form

Paramathma refers to the Divine imminent in the hearts of all creation

Sri Bhagavathi refers to the female aspect of creation-the Shakti-

Sametha means "In communion with"

Sri Bhagavathe is the male aspect of creation

Namaha means I bow to you.

The Power of Seven Chakras-Enlightenment

Mooladhara -"Foundation" or Root Chakra-Darduri Siddhi or Frog Jump Siddhi can occur. Can rise in the air by various degrees. Whatever one thinks will happen. There is memory of past life experiences. Security, inner purity, softness of the voice, the burning of all negative karma. The mind is conquered and success is easily obtained. Many obstacles are annihlated. When the Point of Awareness is in Mooladhara there will be great anger, and often clenched fists and tightened jaw. There may be violent or angry behavior often based on insecurity and fear. Security is of utmost importance when awareness is in Mooladhara, as is sleep and food. Discomfort is not tolerated well. Mooladhara sleeping pattern is often between ten & twelve hours, usually on the stomach.

Swadistana or "Dwelling Place of the Self" is often called the Second Chakra-Charisma, psychic powers, control of the senses is gained as is creative abilty. There is freedom from jealousy, greed, lust and anger. Relationships are perfected and there is a sense of deep inner peace- a flow. When the Point of Awareness is in Swadistana one may live in a fantasy world-thinking himself to be a king, a savior, invaluable, famous, a destroyer of evil, a reincarnation of a great being, superhuman or perhaps even an alien. He has high self esteem and is often very chivalrous. He may be artistic or love art, acting and costume. Desire for physical sensations, lust and fantasy are the obstacles as are restlessness, anxiety, confusion and delusion. Swadistana sleeping pattern is 8-10 hours often sleep in almost a fetal position.

Manipura or "City of Gems" is the Third Chakra- Patala Siddhi or the Giver of Constant Happiness may occur. Disease is conquered. The Fire of Life burns brilliantly and there is excellent health and vitality. Time is conquered and he can become very long lived. He can discover cures for diseases and medicines, and there is a deep understanding of physiology. Egotism is gone. There can be the power to create and destroy, to make gold and find hidden treasures. Obstacles when Point of Awareness is in Manipura are a great desire for personal power, fame and recognition. There is a desire to manage or control others. When the Point of Awareness is in Manipura one will generally sleep 6-8 hours a night, often on the back. Most of adult humanity dwells in Manipura.

Anahata or "Unstricken" is the Fourth or Heart Chakra-the may be knowledge of past present and future. Clairaudience and clairvoyance often occurs. There is awareness of one's karma. The effects of meditating on Anahata are considered to be esoteric. It is to be experience for oneself. When the kundalini and Point of Awareness meet in Anahata, the enlightenment experience of seeing God in everything (not a concept but the actual seeing)occurs. It is the state of a saint, prophet or mystic. There is a deep love of sound. Obstacles in Anahata are experiences of purgatory or spirit realms, restless wondering, boredom and emotional disturbance and fear. He may become a "spiritual window shopper" jumping from one tradition to anotherseeking liberation from his restlessness, lonliness or boredom. The Anahata sleeping pattern is often 4-6 hours a night sleeping on the left side.

Vishuddhi ("Pure") Throat Chakra-Calmness Serenity, Purity, great command of speech and and understanding of dreams and philosophy. Master of the entire self. No longer a slave to the mind. Reasoning rises above the heart. He has broken the knot of compassion, of attachment to spiritual orders and to ancient ways. This chakras relates to the "Chit" or Cosmic Consciousness. Only knowledge is sought. Obstacles of the Point of Awareness in Vishuddhi are negative intellect which can occur from using knowledge unwisely. The one whose awareness is in Vissudhi generally sleeps from 4-6 hours. When the Point of Awareness and kundalini meet in Vishuddhi, the enlightenment experience common to Taoism occurs. It is a state of non-judgement where the commentary of the mind ceases. There is no interference with the experience. Reality presents itself as it is.

Ajnea ("Authority" or "Unlimited Power") Brow Chakra- One receives benefits of all the chakras while meditation on Ajnea. Past life karma is destroyed and there is freedom from all conditioning. There is a freedom from attachments and appeasement of obsessions and desires. A continuous state of samadhi ( an experience of realized non-duality) may occur. There are visions of the past, present and future. Whatever is desired comes true. All internal and external changes no longer cause suffering. When the kundalini and Point of Awareness meet here, the state of enlightenment common to Buddhism is experienced. It is the state of non judgement of the previous chakra coupled with the realization of the dependently arising nature of the Universe. The entire Universe is seen in whatever is viewed. It is the quintessential "To see the Universe in a grain of sand." There is an appeasement of all obsessions. Those with the Point of Awareness in Ajnea in Ajnea sleep little. Two hours or so a night. The sound that this chakra responds to is "Aum" chanted repeatedly in a specific way. And while it is perhaps instinctive for the seeker to want to immediately start working on this chakra, as the benefits meditating on all the chakras are experienced, be aware that it has long been observed chanting "Aum" repeatedly will transform a householder (homeowner) into a sanyasi (one who has renounced the world) or a beggar. It means this practice may impact your dwelling, family and possessions.

Sahasrara ("Thousand Petaled" or also called Shunya meaning "Empty" or "Void")-The plane of happiness. There is no activity of the mind, no knower, no knowledge, nothing to be known. Knowledge, knower and known become one. There is liberation of the senses. Emotions and desires dissolve. Union is attained. There is no sense of seperate existence as long as in physical body. All siddhis are obtained, but this individual has no desire to use those siddhis. When the Point of Awareness and kundalini merge at Sahasrara enlightenment experience common to Hinduism is experienced. There is no separation between the experience and the experiencer. You are what you see. The ancients called this state "Aham Bramhasmin.", meaning "I am That" or "I am this whole process called the Universe."

The Sanskrit Chant that activates Sahasrara is:OmSat Chit AnanadaParabrahma Purushothama ParamathmaSri Bhagavathi SamethaSri Bhagavathe Namaha.

In general, the siddha has the realization of non-duality. Thought and objective are no different. What stands between energy and matter is the illusion of time. The wisdom of the relationship between energy matter and time can lead to freedom.In the ancient sense, Enlightenment is described merely as liberation from suffering. If you consider that suffering arises from ignorance-that it is in the perception of the fact rather than the fact itself, it is easy to see the connection.

It is very easy to see Enlightenment (Illumination) and Ignorance (Darkness) as opposite ends of the same spectrum..Enlightenment can be spoken about in 3 levels, although the enlightenment experience varies greatly. At the first level it is experiencing or perception of reality as it is. You could say that reality unveils itself to you. The Mind no longer interfers with the experience. Today when you are looking at the world; you are not actually seeing it. What is happening within is a lot of chatter.

There is interference from the past, so much judgment, and day dreaming about the future. Enlightenment at this stage is where the interference of the mind stops. The eyes begin to see. The ears begin to truly hear. The senses are no longer numbed or overridden by the internal dialog. You could say they spring to life At the second stage Enlightenment is feeling a tremendous sense of connectedness with the world around you. You feel connected to the sky, the earth, the food you are eating, the grass you are sitting on, the person you are speaking with, the birds. You can see how the entire creation went into the tiniest thing. Nothing is absolute. Nothing stands alone.

There is an intense sense of sacredness and gratitude. There is a sense of belonging. All obsession is appeased.At the third stage Enlightenment it is no longer merely a sense of connectedness but an experience of complete union with the Universe. You experience Cosmic Consciousness. You are what you see. There is no sense of separate existence.You will experience an absence of suffering and a tremendous flowering of the heart where you’ll begin to discover states of love and compassion. In these times we are basically living for ourselves. "I live for my self and you live for yourself" is the philosophy and therefore there is really no one there at all to care for each other. It has become a planet of orphans with no parents. A planet of patients with no doctors.

In this state you will begin to care for others. Not just a few loved ones here and there but for all of humanity there is deep concern and compassion.One who is Enlightened has no suffering in his life, therefore he also does not create suffering for others or for the world around him. If you look at the world you find that happy person gives happiness to others and such of those people who are constantly mad at others, hurt others, curse others, and seek revenge are suffering within. One who is suffering spiritually and psychologically is a danger to the world around him.Man in his natural is enlightened. Suffering is the aberration. There was a time when enlightenment was the rule rather than the exception. The seemingly "unused" space in the left cerebral cortex of the brain is a remnant of that time. It was once used to get in touch with and experience Cosmic Consciousness.

Many factors went into the gross degeneration of human consciousness. Some were planetary. A star called Mulam has recently entered near proximately to the Earth. When the Earth is receiving cosmic radiation from this star, it affects the DNA of man. He naturally functions differently. His senses and the mind are affected and he opens up to the mystical realm. When the Earth is not receiving emanations from this star his consciousness becomes dull, his senses are numbed and the mystical dimension closes. He becomes more of a physical being unable to determine what is essential for life on this planet and what is irrelevant. He becomes very insecure and dangerous to the planet.Right now the Earth is receiving radiations from Mulam.

The Cosmic Energy is flowing on to the Earth. It has been approximately 24,000 years. While this phenomenon signifies Earth changes, it also means that enlightenment is available to the average being. States of consciousness once attained by just a few sages, saints, mystics, and prophets are available to any who seriously seek liberation from ignorance and its ugly spawn, suffering.Many a master when asked how long before a man can become enlightened has replied "Aeons.".It already has been aeons. Man has been in a fallen state of ignorance and suffering as long as history has been recorded.

Those days are gone. The first step in the journey of Transformation & Enlightenment is knowing that it is currently possible for you to attain in this lifetime.There are really only two questions to ask of anyone to determine if it is appropriate or time to embark on this profound inward journey. They are:"Are you suffering?" and Do you wish to be free of that suffering?If the answer is a resounding "yes!" your time has come.When we return from the lunch break I will teach to you a chakra activation meditation that will help you greatly on your journey. It has been used by siddhis and enlightened beings throughout the ages and is part of the daily sadhana that is prescribed before one can participate in a mukti yajna at Satyaloka and receive the dikshas.

By Dharmadhariniji


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Thursday, January 3, 2008

Sri Bhagavan on Antaryamin

Question: What is Antaryamin? And how does Anteryamin awaken in us?

Bhagvan: We often us the word God, but God means different things to different people. But actually we can define God as your higher sacred self, higher intelligence, higher consciousness?Sometimes you might have seen hundreds of birds flying like one bird. Have you seen this? So, actually you can know that the whole group has got a single consciousness, but the individual bird will follow the consciousness of the whole pack.

Sometimes you will find one or two birds dropping out and again they get back to the main flock. If we say that the individual bird is you, then that full total bird consisting of all birds is the Anteryamin. It can be called God or higher intelligence etc. So when we say you have the Anteryamin or that Anteryamin is awakened , what it means is you are the part, are in touch with the whole. In the flock of birds, if one bird drops out of the group, two or three birds come out and help that bird to go and join back. Only thn the whole thing can function. So as long as the small bird is following the big pack, you can say the small bird is following the will of the group or the pack.

So if you have the Anteryamin and can talk with Him, then, ?You?, the part is following the will of the whole or the Divine will. So it is not enough if you are willing to follow the Divine will, you must know what the Divine will is, what the will is of the higher consciousness, without which you are like a bird fallen of the pack. You are in fact an orphan. The Anteryamin is the Whole, and to have the Anteryamin means you are in touch with the whole. The whole of human consciousness put together is more than the individuals consciousness. It is not 1 + 1 = 2 but it is 1 +1 = 4. That is what is ?Synergetic emergence?. Hydrogen and oxygen fuse to form water, whose properties are totally and fundamentally different from hydrogen and oxygen.

This emerging consciousness is called God or Cosmic consciousness. And this cosmic consciousness is what is the Anteryamin. The Anteryamin is you inner guide and your supreme friend who can guide you and protect you. Today many a time you are in conflict. What is right and wrong? what is good and bad? You unable to decide this. Even when you decide, many times you regret your decisions. But when the Anteryamin is awakened, you will exactly know how to respond to every situation of life. At every step you will have someone to guide you, on whom you can trust and who accepts you exactly as you are. And also when you have the Anteryamin, enlightenment is very easy.

So until now we have seen what is the Anteryamin and why do you need an Anteryamin. Now I will tell you how the awakening of the Anteryamin actually happens. Basically in our society, the kind of schooling, education and life style one has, you are not allowed to experience and express your emotions. You are quit suppressed. That is why some have difficlty in getting Anteryamin. So once you have got in touch with your suppressed emotions and if you invite the Anteryamin with your whole heart, it will awaken in you in the way it chooses or in the form you desire. To have the Anteryamin is the natural state of Man, it is your birth right; it is just like breathing or digesting. In the Ancient days everybody was in touch with their Anteryamin.

There were tribes in Africa a hundred years ago, who where in direct communion with their Anteryamin. They lived a wonderful life. All that you must do is, from your heart, with emotion, with great feeling and with a bond, a liking, you must invite the Anteryamin and then it will awaken in you. It is not at all difficult. You think it is difficult and have all kinds of wrong perceptions. The Anteryamin is not bothered about what kind of a person you are. The Anteryamin is your friend and so doesn?t judge you or condemn you. All it want is that you invite it with a feeling and a bond.

Paduka Phenomenon

Q: Bhagavan, during this havan sapthaham,we have all been sharing the great miracles which have been happening across India through the Padukas.We have seen a greater phenomenon. And today even other objects like kalasham,deepam and also the Srimurti has begun to move. Would the Lord kindly reveal to us the Lord’s Sankalpa behind this phenomenon and how does the Lord want us to proceed regarding this phenomenon?

A:What you are all seeing is the beginning of the miracles that are going to happen. The main idea of these miracles is to put people directly in touch with Amma Bhagavan.That is,you should be able to talk to Amma Bhagavan about your problems directly.Through the Padukas,you can actually find out what is the situation…..whether this problem is going to be solved or not;or if it is to be solved what should you do.For example…you say the financial problems to be solved and you touch the Padukas,if the Padukas doesn’t move,what it means is,that something has to be done to solve the problem.Suppose the Padukas move backward,it means whatever you do,the problem might not be solved.

Then also it can be solved…..but the chances are very little. What the Padukas are telling is….Don’t try it’s a waste. It is going to be very very difficult. But even then you can talk and find out what should be done. If it is possible,you can do. But, if the Padukas don’t move what we are telling is,the problem can be solved….but you must do these things. Then ,you must start trying. Should I set right my relationship with my parents….? If the Padukas move,then that is the problem. Or you could have cheated somebody and you might have forgotten that you have cheated somebody….then,you say..so and so I have cheated,suppose I go and help that man out, will my problem be solved?....then the Padukas might move.Or you have hurt somebody,then it will move.

Suppose let us say,Bhagavan paduka is moving and Amma paduka is not moving,then probably you have set right your relationship with your mother.Suppose it is the other way round,where Bhagavan Paduka is not moving ,then you have set right your relationship with your father or your grandfather…so you have to undergo some kind of training which your dasas will guide you as to how to make full use of the Padukas…if they are moving slowly, it means problem is going to take time to be solved. If is is going to move fast, it means it is going to be solved very very fast.

The other thing is ,if you have health problem, if you will pray appropriately, the Padukas are likely to move and stay for sometime on that part of the body. And if the Padukas stay, it means they are healing that part of the body. Suppose, they have got a kidney problem and then they accordingly move and stop, the kidney problem is going to be solved…if there is heart problem then heart problem will be solved. So the Padukas are not for giving you a yes or no answer or telling you what is the problem but also to do lot of healing.

Besides this , the Padukas will also give shocks like the Srimurti gives and the Padukas can also do Samskara Shuddhi for you….very very fast Samskara Shuddhi what we take long time in university can be done very fast in the Padukas. If you pray i.e the person who is touching can be any person….you must pray to Amma Bhagavan- “Please do Samskara Shuddhi for him”….that is where the Maha Deeksha person is becoming important. You have gone to Mahadeeksha, you know what all has happened. So from that knowledge, you must guide. So you must tell- “Amma Bhagavan please do a Samskara Shuddhi for him.”As the Padukas move Amma Bhagavan will do a full Samskara Shuddhi for him. He may be able to see what happened in the womb, what happened in the four baskets, what happened in the delivery….all this will become very clear for him. But he wont understand what exactly is happening…why is Bhagavan showing him all this. He has touched the Padukas …..next minute he is in the mother’s womb all things are happening and he has been delivered and he won’t understand what is happening. You as a Mahadeeksha person you must tell him-Bhagavan is now removing your problems when you were in your Mother’s womb,you are stuck in these baskets Bhagavan is clearing it…something happened during delivery. Bhagavan is correcting it. That knowledge is very important. That is why you have to interfere and fully educate him. In other words, you can do a complete course having the Padukas.

The other thing is ,after the Padukas have started moving,you get used to it more and more. If you have some doubts ,you must ask Amma Bhagavan. What does this mean? What should I do? Then Amma Bhagavan will start talking inside you. Many of you want to have the Antaryamin i.e if you start doing this with the Padukas ,Antaryamin will naturally get activated. You will get clarity from Amma Bhagavan. If not must immediately go to the Srimurti, touch the Srimurti and ask for clarity. Amma Bhagavan will directly speak from the Srimurti or they will speak inside you also.

Basically, the Padukas are for solving your problems and doing Samskara Shuddhi for you. That is the role. Padukas are also there to transform you. But to go into higher states, you must touch the Srimurti. Now if you touch the Srimurti, you must touch it for 1 min, not 10 secs or 15 secs …not simply touch like that. You must touch it for full 1 min.
Now some people will feel nothing. But , after sometime when they lie down, they will feel some thing is happening to them. That is the lowest level of Deeksha or blessing which Amma Bhagavan are giving.

Next level will be, you will feel some kind of energy flowing through you…..something is happening to the brain and some state is coming…that is higher level.
Third level is , you will have lot of vibrations….something more is happening in the brain and a good state will be there.
The full power is when you get an electric shock, actual electric shock…you get when you put your hand in the plug point, the shock you get a milder version…you get from the Srimurthi and you will actually feel something is happening in the brain because, We are working on the brain. Then you will get into a state which will be permanent.

Now next day when you will do it, the shock will be more. Sometime, it can be little less also. Generally it will be the same or more and the effect will also be more. That is,today at this level…tomorrow at that level….day after tomorrow you will go at that level. Here, again touching should be for one minute. This way if you are a mahadeeksha candidate, you will get more and more states. These states are permanent states. They normally will not go away. They will go on accumulating…until finally you have become a full Jeevan Muktha in your own house.

Now first time we used the Srimurthi, we had done the avahanam. That is how the Srimurthis were used in the intensives. Because,my idea was, we can’t be traveling all over the world doing all progarmmes. We will do avahanam to the Srimurthi and the Srimurthi will do all the work. Now,we have done a second Avahanam. That’s why we have increased power….you must touch for one minute. After sometime we will do another Avahanam. Then you must touch for 2 min. Then we will do one more Avahanam. You must touch for 3 min. In 3 minutes it’s all over. That is, you will get full Jeevan Mukti by merely touching for 3 min. Your work then is to go for a Satsang, go to any village or any where give a talk……first give deeksha to start the engine,

Keep the Srimuthi make them touch the Srimurthi for 3 min … Jeevan Mukti is guaranteed. Now, It is happening for schedule tribe people. A few thousand people have achived full enlightenment. Among the schedule tribe, because they are very close to nature and they are much more simple people… just by touching the Srimurthi… they touch for more than 1 min… sometimes they are going up to 3 min also and they speak exactly the way the Buddha spoke.

The Buddha after he became enlightened, he said-
“ In the seeing just the seeing. In the hearing just hearing”

That’s what the Buddha spoke. The same way tribals who knew nothing are speaking. Among the tribale, it has started. Let us hope soon you also will become like the tribals, then you will become fully enlightened.

So Padukas will prepare for enlightenment. Srimurthi will give enlightenment.
This is the man purpose. But we will be giving more and more power to Padukas and the Srimurthi. Your role as Maha Deeksha givers … if you take the Padukas and the Srimurthi to give a starting Deeksha the engine must be started. You must explain to them certain things and after they have got into the state, you will again explain to them certain things. Otherwise they will not understand. They will be in a state, but they won’t know what it is? That gyana is required. Not enough if you have a state. That gyana you will have to provide. That gyana we are giving yoy in the Meha Deeksha… more we will be giving it to you. So if we do like this, the whole country will become enlightened very naturally the Golden Age would have come. Because all the country would have become like a One Family.

Now if we become like a one family tell me – What division can be there among people? There cannot be any division. Isn’t it? Today there are all kinds of division… class division, caste division … then we have knowledge division so every kind of division we have got. Because of this division there are problems. Not that all people will become equally rich. But the rich man will not fell he is rich, the poor man will not feel he is poor…because rich man will share his wealth with the poor. Somebody is going on the road… he is hungry…you will ask him to come inside and take care of him. That is how the things will start happening; This is like one family. So how can there be any suffering in the world? Everybody will be helping everybody else.
Even now, lot of our devotees…there is no of flats. They all have taken Deeksha 100 or 200 people. All have become like one family. It is not only happening in India but also in other countries.
It is called Oneness Family. There are apartments. They all have taken Deeksha. They have become one family and some devotees are even building colonies also… only our devotees. Buying land, Building plots… becoming like one colony. It is becoming like one huge family.. There they are becoming one family. So this kind of world’s most powerful country …once we achives this oneness, we will move at very very great speed.

Then comes Kama, fulfilling desires. What is wrong with desires? A man wants a nice house. What is wrong? Why should he live in a hut or a terrible house? He should have a good house. He should have a car. What is wrong in having a car? Ofcourse … he might say pollution. But soon there will be cars which will have no pollution . That is going to happen. You don’t have worry about it. You have to enjoy your life, eat nice things. Why should you be eating only some ragi? I am not telling – don’t eat ragi. But then why should eat only that. You should enjoy your life, enjoy the pleasures of the world. Why are they otherwise? Then it should not be there at all. You must have a good life. Very important because, finally when you people die you are going to come to ME. You are going to be in Satyaloka. Now, how does it happen in Satyaloka? In Bhooloka, If you want something, you have to work hard for it. Then you get it . It is so hard.
In Satyaloka, let us say…Muddappaji is there is Satyaloka. Mudappaji suddenly wants an airplane. Immediately there will be an airplane. That is it, he can fly around where ever he want He does not take time. Now let us say you are not in the habit of enjoying your life at all…you are a miser who will not spend even 10 paise for buy something. Now when you come to Satyaloka it is all waste isn’t it?

Suppose you love masala dosa , you can eat 100 masala dosa…you can go on asking and it will be coming. You actually experience if fully. Suppose you are person who has never enjoyed your life, the same habit will continue there . Similarly you have got money, you can build a nice house …….No.No! One room is enough. Just 1 room is enough . I will be there only. Then in Satyaloka also you will live in one room. That’s how it will happened actually; yours thought only will become a reality there. Not only you will live causing problems for yourself, you will dirty my Satyaloka also. Sowe want some nice things there. You will be living in some terrible things there. There are such problems there also. That is why in bhooloka only, I want to make you people perfect. So, that is why we are telling you, focus on money and desires. Let us say your are young man you want a good wife, focus on getting a good job, getting a good education for your son, helping him out. You focas on therse things. Spiritual progress we will do for you… because you cannot do anything, because you must work on the brain, because you must be given a shock for it. I am giving a shock from the Srimurthi. What can you do? Can you put your hand in the plug there? You cannot do that job. That is why we all are here. Your focus should be how to create wealth for yourself, your family and for the society. Fullfill your desires, have a happy life then it is very easy for us to put you into higher states. If you have too many problems it becomes difficult for us to give you mukti also.

So we are continuously education as to what problems can prevent you from becoming wealty, from haing your desires fulfilled. Basically and mostly, it is relationship. 95% of problem comes from our relationship. If you get that blessing from people, any body who takes the blessing….it goes to your bank account. That is why you must speak a kind word to somebody, help somebody and get their blessing. That blessing you can encash for making money, for health, or for some desire being fulfilled. You can try as an experiment and you can see. So how do you get blessing? Only through good relationships. The most important blessing comes from your mother and father. Nobody can bless you like your mother and father. That is why whether that are alive or dead does not matter your parents bless you directly from whatever loka they are in. It is very powerful even if they are present here. But if you have hurt them, then the blessing won’t come. That is why thousands of places…we have seen we have set right the relationship…instantly almost in 24 hrs the problem disappears.

Today I met a person who said 6 to 7 yrs he has not spoken to his father. But after he spoke, just the problem disappeared. So we have been educating you now you must carry this education to the people. Because you are like gurus, you are like teachers. We have prepared you. We will be preparing you more. You have to go help people carry the Srimurthi, carry the Padukas, carry the teaching. You do it. If all of you start helping the people the whole country is finished. The earlier we finish the country….it is all over.