Friday, December 21, 2007

All you need is a "Break Through"

A devotee called Ganapathiji from Mysore has an industry, which
extracts scented oils from waste materials.For a long time he was
struggling with a particular problem.He was able to produce alot of
sandal wood pulp, which still contained traces of oil in it.No matter
what chemical combination he used, he could not arrive at the exact
formula required for extracting the oil.Desparate after several
efforts, he prayed to Sri Amma Bhagavan and gave up.That night Sri
Bhagavan appeared to his wife in her dream and gave her the chemical

She who had no knowledge of the subject at all nor knew the gravity of
his situation woke up next morning and explained her experience to
him.He applied that formula and was succesfully able to extract the
trace oil from the sandal wood pulp.Today he not only made good
profits but also got an award from the Government of Karnataka for his

This is not a superstition, illusion or delusion or any mania.This is
truth and fact.This is not even a happening of chance.This is the
matter of only a break through in thought.
A break through in thought happens when certain centres in the brain
get activated.It is then you see the situation in a different
perspective.For example Newton, when he saw the apple falling from a
tree arrived at the Law of Gravitation.It was a break through in human

Sri Bhagavan explains this phenomenon that this could happen when
certain centers in the brain are activated.Only then we can have
break-throughs in the corresponding fields, be it the Mathematics,
Physics, Psychology, Business or Engineering.This activation can only
be a gift from the lord.

So, please approach the Lord and have a break through in your
field.All you need is a "Break Through".

Ever at the Lotus Feet of Amma Bhagavan,

Oneness University Youth

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