Thursday, December 20, 2007

Sri Bhagavan shows us how to create what we want in life

The following is an excerpt from a talk Sri Bhagavan gave to a youth group in India 8 Oct 2006.

"All things in life can be achieved if you remove the mental blocks. How to remove mental blocks?

The more you think positively the more negativity comes in. That is why trying to stand in front of mirror and repeatedly saying something to boost your self never works, because the feedback is negative. Positive thinking leads to negativity. So, the secret is not positive thinking, but positive feelings. That is why during prayers we ask you to have emotion for the thing you desire. Emotion also is not the correct thing. Actually, it is feeling. Feelings do not have any resistance. Then there can be no mental block. Take for example fear…fear of a dog…that it will bite. It leads to other fears.

What should you do to generate positive feelings? I will tell you this secret also.

The feeling you have to generate for 12 minutes and then repeat it 7 times. This will dissolve the mental block. Through the mind you can never generate positive feeling. For positive feelings you have to use the body. How to generate these positive feelings? I will tell you that secret also. For example, if you are a coward and you want to be courageous. Be in a room. Walk like a lion. Change your posture. Talk courageously. Produce the feelings for a period of 12 minutes. Do it again for 7 times (seven days). Then the mental blocks will melt. Now, do it in the presence of more number of people. Gather your family members and do it, then to a larger group. Then the block is gone entirely. The unconscious part is removed. Same thing, for example if you want money, it is very easy. A farmer from Andhra did it and got 60 lacs (6,000,000 rupees) in 16 days. You have to sit, walk and talk like a millionaire. When you get the feelings the mind will not question. The negative is destroyed and a new programme is inserted. So do not use the mind for this".

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