Thursday, December 20, 2007

First Secret:Break Thru Triangle


Amma Bhagavan Sharanam!!!

Here is the summary of first secret which has been revealed by Sri

First Secret:Break Thru Triangle
Just like the three arms of a triangle,break through process has got
three faces.The three components that constituent the 'Break-Thru'
Triangle are:1)Mind

"You become what you think" says Sri Bhagavan.Accordingly, if you
are in break down triangle,you think in negative way.The way you
look at things will be negative.So once you in break down triangle,
everything will be a breakdown.Nothing will work in your favour.

Fear,ill-health,failure,-ve emotions and -ve feelings etc are the
outcome of break down triangle.

You will experience a break through in the thought process only when
your mind has attained the connection with the Super-Consciousness
(i.e. the god)

[The human brain is structured such a way that there are thoughts in
three layers which constantly affect an indivual.On the individual's
conscious mind,sub-conscious mind and un-conscious mind will be
having the impact.If you are a male, the male collective
unconsciousness will try to over power your indivual conciousness
besides the individual unconciousness and sub-conciousness and the
same is appliacble to females.]

So you need to have an emotional bond with the god to experience the

Break-thru means success.


Your body is a part of this nature.So it has got its own power and
intelligence.If your body language is not pesimistic, there is every
possibility for you to attain high success rate.

For example, if you say that you are very strong physically, then
your body posture must be straight and erect.You should not bend
like a weak person or shiver like a weak person.

So if you want to become a ruler, then you walk like a Lion.


Once you are connected with your creator and able to think
positively; and your body posture/language is pretty good, naturally
you feel positive.This positive attitude will build a success script
in the morphogenetic field and send signals accordingly (because
human brain behaves like a transmitter and reciever) and so
naturally success will meet you.

Ever at the Lotus Feet of Amma Bhagavan,

Oneness University Youth

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