Thursday, December 20, 2007

A Message from Bhagawan

A Message from Bhagawan
Life can be compared to sleep.
You close your eyes and prefer to be in darkness,
Thinking it to be a restful phase.
The dreams are nothing but your life events,
Which you seem so attached to.
Sunrise can be compared to death.
The light streams in.
Your eyes open,
The dream ends,
And reality sets in.
The dreams now appear unreal to you.
When I say "death",
I mean the death of your senses of desires.
This is the death of the "I".
The "I" separates you from Me.
I have come to stop you from sleeping,
To expose the untrue nature of your dreams.
Right outside your window,
So that these sun rays stream on your face,
To force you to open your eyes earlier.
It is only in this true light,
That you will see Me.

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