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To attract wealth, you first have to BE wealthy. THEN, you think wealthy thoughts, speak wealthy affirmations, and take wealthy action.

“But how can I BE wealthy if I’m NOT wealthy?” you ask.

Logical question, but it’s based on the false assumption that you don’t have wealth. You HAVE wealth. You’re simply not aware of it. You have constructed a physical reality that prevents you from experiencing Wealth. This can all be explained with the science of Quantum Physics. So let’s look at some very basic concepts of Quantum Physics that will explain what I’m talking about.

First, you probably are aware - at least on an intellectual level - that at a subatomic level, we, and everything else in the Universe, is Energy. When you break everything down, we’re all made of the same stuff, and we’re all connected.


The Universe is just this huge ocean of Energy, vibrating at various frequencies which gives the illusion of individuation. That is, we experience the illusion of separateness from each other, physical objects, and wealth because our “senses” are decoding the Energy around us in such a way as to create our physical reality. This all happens in our thoughts.

So, to simplify things quickly here for the sake of time (another illusion), “things” only exist because we observe them. It is in our observing that things come into existence. Without our observing, things are simply “waves” - probabilities of existence. Physicists agree on this.

Our beliefs are a very powerful Energy system in our lives. Our beliefs allow or disallow certain experiences in our lives, including wealth.They make up who we are. We “BE” in the world according to our beliefs. If we are being “someone who is trying to get wealthy by repeating affirmations” , then THAT is what our reality will be. We will just be TRYING to get wealthy.


We have to make the decision that we ARE wealthy, contrary to any external physical evidence. That evidence is an illusion based on the belief systems that have guided who we have been being up to that point. A truly wealthy person isn’t wealthy because they have money. They have money, because they are wealthy! That’s the distinction that most people have backward!

Here’s an example to illustrate what I mean: Tony Robbins became a millionaire at a very young age. Then, due to a series of poor judgments, he lost it. But within a year, he had it back. How did he do this? HE NEVER LOST HIS WEALTH. He only lost his money, which is just a symbol of wealth! Because he is “Wealth Conscious”, he literally “magnetically attracts” wealth into his life. He truly can’t help it! It’s who he is! And there are thousands out there like him, who attract wealth simply because it’s who they are. You can make the same decision and have the same results.

Conversely, a person who has grown up with “lack consciousness” can win millions in the lottery and lose it within a year. Their consciousness - their ENERGY - simply can’t maintain the attraction to Wealth because they aren’t “wealthy” in who they are being.

But again, Wealth is a decision. If you aren’t currently experiencing wealth, you first need to realize that abundance is everywhere.. .in fact it’s all there is. Poverty and lack are the illusions.

You can shift your consciousness to Wealth - BE Wealth - by simply making the decision, THEN your thoughts, speech, and action will allow you to experience the wealth that is yours! This is indeed a complex subject which challenges our core belief systems. But it is those very belief systems that keep a person in a state of lack.

Look at your financial situation today. Look at your core beliefs about Wealth and You, and see if your life isn’t a PERFECT reflection of your beliefs. Then, look where those beliefs may have originated. When you can awaken to yourself that your beliefs create your reality, rather than the other way around, you have the option to truly be free to experience a reality of prosperity that you deserve!

Top 5 steps for building wealth consciousness

"Prosperity or poverty begins with thought" - Sri Bhagavan

"Ignorance or insights also begins with thought" - Sri Bhagavan

"Creating wealth is a spiritual sadhana" - Sri Bhagavan

Below are the top 5 steps.

(1) Eradicate Your Limiting Beliefs About Money

Some people scorn at the mere mention of money. How many times have you heard people say “Oh, I’m not doing this for the money” or “Money isn’t everything.” Well, they’re not wrong. The fact is money in itself has no absolute value. It’s the things that money can buy when in circulation that makes it valuable. It can buy material possessions yet at the same time, if you look from a different angle, once you’ve got enough of it to be financially free, it can literally buy you off from laborious work to spend more precious moments with family. You can also contribute it to charity and benefit the less priviledged.

On the other end of the scale, some people tend to overvalue the importance of money so much so that they become slaves to it. They loved money and let this passion cause their downfall.

In essence, if you never come to terms what money can bring forth into your life (i.e its value), your uneasiness with the “idea” of money will limit your ability to attract more of it. To put it simply, just imagine this, would you go into a car showroom if you’ve never had the intention to purchase a car? You may not want to buy it now, but the fact that you walked into the showroom implies that you appreciate the value of what a car brings. It can serve as a means of transport for you and your family. Or, if it’s a luxurious car, it may bring you the associated prestige with owning it in the first place. Because of your perceived value tagged to owning a car, you’ll find means and ways to get one. Likewise with money.

Remember, you can’t desire something that you’re not in resonnance with.

Therefore, it becomes imperative that before you learn about other steps to hone this wealthy mindset, you should start having a conversation with yourself to remove the beliefs that’s limiting you about money. You can make use of the following exercise to help you with this.

a) Write down the limiting beliefs

- I shouldn’t earn more than what my husband is bringing home
- Rich people don’t care about the poor”

b) Ask yourself power questions to trigger a refreshed view about money
- If money is not an issue an all, what will be the positive things that you can do for your family and community?
- Out the things that you would like to do, which one ties in closely with your personal values and goals?
- What are the reasons you aren’t rich yet?

c) Tease your original limiting beliefs to create new affirmative statements

- My husband will be delighted to know I’m earning more than him because we’ll have more income to go for family holidays with the kids
- Selfish rich people may not care about the poor but I know I’m not.

d) Pick the most sensational one and repeat it everyday

(2) Decide You Want to Be Wealthy & Justify Why

Everyone has the right to be wealthy. Yet, most of us allow a temporary lack of money eat into our minds, literally confining us into the vicious cycle of poverty. One of the colloary of the Law of Abundance states “People are poor because they have not yet decided to be rich”. So long as you manage a conscious decision to become wealthy and have utmost faith that you can achieve it, you act accordingly to what you believe. Say “Yes” to getting wealthy today! And say it with conviction.

Deciding to be wealthy only gets you started on the quest but what sustains you throughout the journey is the why. What is the reason that you want an extra $1 million into your bank account? Why do you want to work your butt off, sacrificing your weekends to man your business? Where can you seek inspiration if the going gets tough and you’ll feel disheartened? Yes, it’s all in the why. If you do not have a burning desire supporting your decision, you’ll find your motivation waning sooner that you think you can last.

Take a piece of paper and scribble down all the reasons that you can think of. Maybe you’ll like to retire earlier and travel around the world? Or you can quit your job and be a full time parent? Etc etc.

Needless to say, the one that resonates with the deepest part of your heart should be written on a index card to remind you of your bottomline.

(3) Determine How Much Do You Want

How much you want will inadvertently determine the action that you’ll need to set forth to reach it. For example, if it’s $2,000 per month that you’re looking for, working in your existing job might suffice. However, if $100,000 per month is what you intend to achieve, other alternatives such as starting your own business, investing in properties or working on your skills to get a better paying job may be more effective. More importantly, knowing how much you want prepares your mind for the potential issues you may face and keep it upbeat.

The challenge therefore becomes, how do you know how much you want? It’s tempting to arbitrarily quote a figure but this will probably do you more harm than good. If the amount is much higher than what you want, your approach to acquire the wealth may be too drastic within the same timeframe. And you may end up burning yourself out. In the event that the amount is lesser than what you need, you’ll probably have to delay your gratification longer than you expect.

Determining how much you want need not be rocket science. You can do this by taking into consideration the objective for which you want the wealth for and do a high level analysis of the costs necessary to sustain it. Say if your reason is to provide your family with a comfortable lifestyle, you can include the costs of travelling overseas for holiday twice a year into your analysis. Continuously review this list of costs to ensure that you’ve got most if not all covered.

(4) Brainstorm On How to Get There

A lot of people think having a wealthy mindset involves only constantly thinking about getting rich. It’s only part of the equation. Brainstorming on how to get there is another important element that actually exposes the mind on the many possibilities.

Suppose you want to get from point A to point B, there’s route 1, route 2, 3 all the way to n (i.e. infinity). When you’re planning how to get there, the mind starts considering the many options and may prompt you to act on one of them. Along the way, your wealthy mindset may attract different opportunities, encouraging you to change course and go through a totally somewhat exhilarating experience.

Here is a classical example of a man who became rich. Initially, his plan was to market his own music compositions through the internet. But incidentally, he stumbled on online internet marketing and embarked on a unconventional route to becoming a internet millionaire. It was not an easy route as he had to juggle learning about the new knowledge and a full-time job. But his burning desire to be rich and financially free got him through the hurdle to get him to where he is today.Only the process of learning by acquiring the relevant information helped him to get there.

(5) Imagine As If You Already Have It

That before you physically acquire the wealth that you’ve envisioned, you need to live it as if you’ve possess the amount of money that you desire! Since the subconscious mind is unable to differentiate between actual possession and mere visualization, by imagining that you already have it, you’re encouraging your subconscious mind to seek ways to transform your imaginary feelings into the real thing.

I know many people refute this step thinking that it’s impractical. But if you think about it, isn’t everything around us a true manifestation of someone else’s imagination? The Wright brothers imagined being able to fly and the reality is, we’re now able to fly in an aeroplane from 1 country to another in a matter of hours and sometimes, even minutes. Thomas Edison imagined lighting the whole room using a single source and as a result, the lightbulb was invented! Christopher Columbus imagined a new world and found the American continent. And many many more.

It’s a fact that without the imagination of these great visionaries, we’ll not be able to enjoy many of their discoveries. At a micro level, you too possess the same capability to create, improve your own destiny by constructing it in your mind. Brian Tracy said it best in his statement, “All improvement in your life begins in the improvement in your mental pictures”.

Forever at the Lotus Feet of Sri Amma Bhagavan,

Monday, March 9, 2009


Extracts from www.onenessindia.org

Inauguration of the First European Oneness Centre in Italy

The first ever Oneness Centre for the whole of Europe at Italy was Inaugurated by Sri Krishnaji, the son of Sri Amma & Bhagavan, on Feb 07, 2009. Anandagiriji, one of the Senior Guides of the Oneness UniverCity was also present on this momentous occasion. This epoch making sacred Inaugural Ceremony was convened between 6 to 9 pm with more than 200 Oneness Blessing Givers in attendance who had converged from as far as the Americas, Australia & Latin America and also from Germany, Sweden & the Netherlands.

The ceremonial event’s highpoint was the live web cast of Sri Bhagavan. Sri Bhagavan while blessing the occasion & the Oneness Centre – Italy, also informed that Sri Amma Bhagavan’s physical presence would be there henceforth. The Oneness Centre - Italy opening would mark the second vital step towards our vision for 2012, the first step being the setting up & inauguration of the Oneness UniverCity, Fiji.

The Povegliano is a very beautiful campus, north of the Italian province of Verona overlooking the foothills of the dazzling snowcapped Swiss Alps and is only a 15 minutes drive from the Verona Airport. The accommodation at the Centre has well appointed rooms with a provision for multi occupancy basis with a 2, 3, 4 & 8 occupation configuration. The much celebrated ‘Doors to Oneness’ (Level-1) courses would be commencing at the Oneness Centre – Italy for participants from Europe, Russia and Latin America. This effort is in the direction to facilitate a multi national participation in the Oneness UniverCity courses as travelling to Italy will be so much more inexpensive and time efficient than travelling all the way to India. All participants would also be treated to the delectable Italian cuisine including delicacies & snacks in all programs.

Oneness UniverCity owes its profound gratitude to the entire Oneness Blessing Givers from Italy & also to Mr. Anand & Mrs. Jeevankala who have kindly presented the services of their meditation campus, at the Verona Povegliano to conduct the Oneness Processes.