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Inauguration of the First European Oneness Centre in Italy

The first ever Oneness Centre for the whole of Europe at Italy was Inaugurated by Sri Krishnaji, the son of Sri Amma & Bhagavan, on Feb 07, 2009. Anandagiriji, one of the Senior Guides of the Oneness UniverCity was also present on this momentous occasion. This epoch making sacred Inaugural Ceremony was convened between 6 to 9 pm with more than 200 Oneness Blessing Givers in attendance who had converged from as far as the Americas, Australia & Latin America and also from Germany, Sweden & the Netherlands.

The ceremonial event’s highpoint was the live web cast of Sri Bhagavan. Sri Bhagavan while blessing the occasion & the Oneness Centre – Italy, also informed that Sri Amma Bhagavan’s physical presence would be there henceforth. The Oneness Centre - Italy opening would mark the second vital step towards our vision for 2012, the first step being the setting up & inauguration of the Oneness UniverCity, Fiji.

The Povegliano is a very beautiful campus, north of the Italian province of Verona overlooking the foothills of the dazzling snowcapped Swiss Alps and is only a 15 minutes drive from the Verona Airport. The accommodation at the Centre has well appointed rooms with a provision for multi occupancy basis with a 2, 3, 4 & 8 occupation configuration. The much celebrated ‘Doors to Oneness’ (Level-1) courses would be commencing at the Oneness Centre – Italy for participants from Europe, Russia and Latin America. This effort is in the direction to facilitate a multi national participation in the Oneness UniverCity courses as travelling to Italy will be so much more inexpensive and time efficient than travelling all the way to India. All participants would also be treated to the delectable Italian cuisine including delicacies & snacks in all programs.

Oneness UniverCity owes its profound gratitude to the entire Oneness Blessing Givers from Italy & also to Mr. Anand & Mrs. Jeevankala who have kindly presented the services of their meditation campus, at the Verona Povegliano to conduct the Oneness Processes.

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