Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Oneness Youth Conference Summary

Oneness Youth Conference Summary
Delivered by
Sri Acharya Samadarshiniji
Team 150, Bangalore /
Jan 2009
The main focus of the Youth Conference is to make youths achieve the 4 goals as
below :-
• To be a great student also who is capable of great learning.
• To become great professionals. Developing skills in one's field ,working hard,
have integrity (Say what you do, do what you say)
o Integrity + skills = Great professionals.
• To become a Beautiful Life partner.
• To become Enlightened and be one among the 64,000 Enlightened people , out of
which 8000 will be youths.
Summary of Second Youth conference
• Constant effort is necessary for growth. When you were small children, you kept
falling until you learned to walk. Similarly, constant and hard effort is necessary
until you succeed. Internally you should be like a child and keep on working hard
until you succeed.
• There is a great distance between what you can do and what you are doing right
What is your potential  what actually you are doing?
This distance will decide one's future. Day by day this distance should reduce.
• For the next one year, you need to identify your potential and make it a reality &
to grow in your respective fields; you must be ready to do whatever it demands.
• Sri Amma Bhagavan are making you all into Great Warriors.
• Attend Breakthru and Mahadeeksha if not attended.
At this point of time, in whatever field you are in: you need success. Hence concentrate
on that and pray to Sri Amma Bhagavan it to realize and for all the efforts you put, Grace
should flow.
1. 10 Min to grow, 20 min to transform.
2. To grow, you need to cut down one pleasure in life. Too much of pleasure will
make brain inactive. So, for the brain to be active you need to cut down one
3. Fortify your vision. Your vision should flow in your words, thoughts and body.
4. Successful person is one who thinks about his vision at least 10 times a day. Have
good friends, discuss with them about your goals. Inspire and be inspired. Take
Deeksha from Srimurti. For this to happen, you need to do the following Sadhana.
Once in 3 months,
5. You need to do fasting for 18 hours, drink warm lemon water, chant the
Moolamantra for 21 times, sit in a still posture for 45 minutes, thinking about
your vision. Hold the vision of your life and pray hard. You need to do this for 3

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