Thursday, January 3, 2008

Paduka Phenomenon

Q: Bhagavan, during this havan sapthaham,we have all been sharing the great miracles which have been happening across India through the Padukas.We have seen a greater phenomenon. And today even other objects like kalasham,deepam and also the Srimurti has begun to move. Would the Lord kindly reveal to us the Lord’s Sankalpa behind this phenomenon and how does the Lord want us to proceed regarding this phenomenon?

A:What you are all seeing is the beginning of the miracles that are going to happen. The main idea of these miracles is to put people directly in touch with Amma Bhagavan.That is,you should be able to talk to Amma Bhagavan about your problems directly.Through the Padukas,you can actually find out what is the situation…..whether this problem is going to be solved or not;or if it is to be solved what should you do.For example…you say the financial problems to be solved and you touch the Padukas,if the Padukas doesn’t move,what it means is,that something has to be done to solve the problem.Suppose the Padukas move backward,it means whatever you do,the problem might not be solved.

Then also it can be solved…..but the chances are very little. What the Padukas are telling is….Don’t try it’s a waste. It is going to be very very difficult. But even then you can talk and find out what should be done. If it is possible,you can do. But, if the Padukas don’t move what we are telling is,the problem can be solved….but you must do these things. Then ,you must start trying. Should I set right my relationship with my parents….? If the Padukas move,then that is the problem. Or you could have cheated somebody and you might have forgotten that you have cheated somebody….then,you and so I have cheated,suppose I go and help that man out, will my problem be solved?....then the Padukas might move.Or you have hurt somebody,then it will move.

Suppose let us say,Bhagavan paduka is moving and Amma paduka is not moving,then probably you have set right your relationship with your mother.Suppose it is the other way round,where Bhagavan Paduka is not moving ,then you have set right your relationship with your father or your grandfather…so you have to undergo some kind of training which your dasas will guide you as to how to make full use of the Padukas…if they are moving slowly, it means problem is going to take time to be solved. If is is going to move fast, it means it is going to be solved very very fast.

The other thing is ,if you have health problem, if you will pray appropriately, the Padukas are likely to move and stay for sometime on that part of the body. And if the Padukas stay, it means they are healing that part of the body. Suppose, they have got a kidney problem and then they accordingly move and stop, the kidney problem is going to be solved…if there is heart problem then heart problem will be solved. So the Padukas are not for giving you a yes or no answer or telling you what is the problem but also to do lot of healing.

Besides this , the Padukas will also give shocks like the Srimurti gives and the Padukas can also do Samskara Shuddhi for you….very very fast Samskara Shuddhi what we take long time in university can be done very fast in the Padukas. If you pray i.e the person who is touching can be any person….you must pray to Amma Bhagavan- “Please do Samskara Shuddhi for him”….that is where the Maha Deeksha person is becoming important. You have gone to Mahadeeksha, you know what all has happened. So from that knowledge, you must guide. So you must tell- “Amma Bhagavan please do a Samskara Shuddhi for him.”As the Padukas move Amma Bhagavan will do a full Samskara Shuddhi for him. He may be able to see what happened in the womb, what happened in the four baskets, what happened in the delivery….all this will become very clear for him. But he wont understand what exactly is happening…why is Bhagavan showing him all this. He has touched the Padukas … minute he is in the mother’s womb all things are happening and he has been delivered and he won’t understand what is happening. You as a Mahadeeksha person you must tell him-Bhagavan is now removing your problems when you were in your Mother’s womb,you are stuck in these baskets Bhagavan is clearing it…something happened during delivery. Bhagavan is correcting it. That knowledge is very important. That is why you have to interfere and fully educate him. In other words, you can do a complete course having the Padukas.

The other thing is ,after the Padukas have started moving,you get used to it more and more. If you have some doubts ,you must ask Amma Bhagavan. What does this mean? What should I do? Then Amma Bhagavan will start talking inside you. Many of you want to have the Antaryamin i.e if you start doing this with the Padukas ,Antaryamin will naturally get activated. You will get clarity from Amma Bhagavan. If not must immediately go to the Srimurti, touch the Srimurti and ask for clarity. Amma Bhagavan will directly speak from the Srimurti or they will speak inside you also.

Basically, the Padukas are for solving your problems and doing Samskara Shuddhi for you. That is the role. Padukas are also there to transform you. But to go into higher states, you must touch the Srimurti. Now if you touch the Srimurti, you must touch it for 1 min, not 10 secs or 15 secs …not simply touch like that. You must touch it for full 1 min.
Now some people will feel nothing. But , after sometime when they lie down, they will feel some thing is happening to them. That is the lowest level of Deeksha or blessing which Amma Bhagavan are giving.

Next level will be, you will feel some kind of energy flowing through you…..something is happening to the brain and some state is coming…that is higher level.
Third level is , you will have lot of vibrations….something more is happening in the brain and a good state will be there.
The full power is when you get an electric shock, actual electric shock…you get when you put your hand in the plug point, the shock you get a milder version…you get from the Srimurthi and you will actually feel something is happening in the brain because, We are working on the brain. Then you will get into a state which will be permanent.

Now next day when you will do it, the shock will be more. Sometime, it can be little less also. Generally it will be the same or more and the effect will also be more. That is,today at this level…tomorrow at that level….day after tomorrow you will go at that level. Here, again touching should be for one minute. This way if you are a mahadeeksha candidate, you will get more and more states. These states are permanent states. They normally will not go away. They will go on accumulating…until finally you have become a full Jeevan Muktha in your own house.

Now first time we used the Srimurthi, we had done the avahanam. That is how the Srimurthis were used in the intensives. Because,my idea was, we can’t be traveling all over the world doing all progarmmes. We will do avahanam to the Srimurthi and the Srimurthi will do all the work. Now,we have done a second Avahanam. That’s why we have increased power….you must touch for one minute. After sometime we will do another Avahanam. Then you must touch for 2 min. Then we will do one more Avahanam. You must touch for 3 min. In 3 minutes it’s all over. That is, you will get full Jeevan Mukti by merely touching for 3 min. Your work then is to go for a Satsang, go to any village or any where give a talk……first give deeksha to start the engine,

Keep the Srimuthi make them touch the Srimurthi for 3 min … Jeevan Mukti is guaranteed. Now, It is happening for schedule tribe people. A few thousand people have achived full enlightenment. Among the schedule tribe, because they are very close to nature and they are much more simple people… just by touching the Srimurthi… they touch for more than 1 min… sometimes they are going up to 3 min also and they speak exactly the way the Buddha spoke.

The Buddha after he became enlightened, he said-
“ In the seeing just the seeing. In the hearing just hearing”

That’s what the Buddha spoke. The same way tribals who knew nothing are speaking. Among the tribale, it has started. Let us hope soon you also will become like the tribals, then you will become fully enlightened.

So Padukas will prepare for enlightenment. Srimurthi will give enlightenment.
This is the man purpose. But we will be giving more and more power to Padukas and the Srimurthi. Your role as Maha Deeksha givers … if you take the Padukas and the Srimurthi to give a starting Deeksha the engine must be started. You must explain to them certain things and after they have got into the state, you will again explain to them certain things. Otherwise they will not understand. They will be in a state, but they won’t know what it is? That gyana is required. Not enough if you have a state. That gyana you will have to provide. That gyana we are giving yoy in the Meha Deeksha… more we will be giving it to you. So if we do like this, the whole country will become enlightened very naturally the Golden Age would have come. Because all the country would have become like a One Family.

Now if we become like a one family tell me – What division can be there among people? There cannot be any division. Isn’t it? Today there are all kinds of division… class division, caste division … then we have knowledge division so every kind of division we have got. Because of this division there are problems. Not that all people will become equally rich. But the rich man will not fell he is rich, the poor man will not feel he is poor…because rich man will share his wealth with the poor. Somebody is going on the road… he is hungry…you will ask him to come inside and take care of him. That is how the things will start happening; This is like one family. So how can there be any suffering in the world? Everybody will be helping everybody else.
Even now, lot of our devotees…there is no of flats. They all have taken Deeksha 100 or 200 people. All have become like one family. It is not only happening in India but also in other countries.
It is called Oneness Family. There are apartments. They all have taken Deeksha. They have become one family and some devotees are even building colonies also… only our devotees. Buying land, Building plots… becoming like one colony. It is becoming like one huge family.. There they are becoming one family. So this kind of world’s most powerful country …once we achives this oneness, we will move at very very great speed.

Then comes Kama, fulfilling desires. What is wrong with desires? A man wants a nice house. What is wrong? Why should he live in a hut or a terrible house? He should have a good house. He should have a car. What is wrong in having a car? Ofcourse … he might say pollution. But soon there will be cars which will have no pollution . That is going to happen. You don’t have worry about it. You have to enjoy your life, eat nice things. Why should you be eating only some ragi? I am not telling – don’t eat ragi. But then why should eat only that. You should enjoy your life, enjoy the pleasures of the world. Why are they otherwise? Then it should not be there at all. You must have a good life. Very important because, finally when you people die you are going to come to ME. You are going to be in Satyaloka. Now, how does it happen in Satyaloka? In Bhooloka, If you want something, you have to work hard for it. Then you get it . It is so hard.
In Satyaloka, let us say…Muddappaji is there is Satyaloka. Mudappaji suddenly wants an airplane. Immediately there will be an airplane. That is it, he can fly around where ever he want He does not take time. Now let us say you are not in the habit of enjoying your life at all…you are a miser who will not spend even 10 paise for buy something. Now when you come to Satyaloka it is all waste isn’t it?

Suppose you love masala dosa , you can eat 100 masala dosa…you can go on asking and it will be coming. You actually experience if fully. Suppose you are person who has never enjoyed your life, the same habit will continue there . Similarly you have got money, you can build a nice house …….No.No! One room is enough. Just 1 room is enough . I will be there only. Then in Satyaloka also you will live in one room. That’s how it will happened actually; yours thought only will become a reality there. Not only you will live causing problems for yourself, you will dirty my Satyaloka also. Sowe want some nice things there. You will be living in some terrible things there. There are such problems there also. That is why in bhooloka only, I want to make you people perfect. So, that is why we are telling you, focus on money and desires. Let us say your are young man you want a good wife, focus on getting a good job, getting a good education for your son, helping him out. You focas on therse things. Spiritual progress we will do for you… because you cannot do anything, because you must work on the brain, because you must be given a shock for it. I am giving a shock from the Srimurthi. What can you do? Can you put your hand in the plug there? You cannot do that job. That is why we all are here. Your focus should be how to create wealth for yourself, your family and for the society. Fullfill your desires, have a happy life then it is very easy for us to put you into higher states. If you have too many problems it becomes difficult for us to give you mukti also.

So we are continuously education as to what problems can prevent you from becoming wealty, from haing your desires fulfilled. Basically and mostly, it is relationship. 95% of problem comes from our relationship. If you get that blessing from people, any body who takes the blessing….it goes to your bank account. That is why you must speak a kind word to somebody, help somebody and get their blessing. That blessing you can encash for making money, for health, or for some desire being fulfilled. You can try as an experiment and you can see. So how do you get blessing? Only through good relationships. The most important blessing comes from your mother and father. Nobody can bless you like your mother and father. That is why whether that are alive or dead does not matter your parents bless you directly from whatever loka they are in. It is very powerful even if they are present here. But if you have hurt them, then the blessing won’t come. That is why thousands of places…we have seen we have set right the relationship…instantly almost in 24 hrs the problem disappears.

Today I met a person who said 6 to 7 yrs he has not spoken to his father. But after he spoke, just the problem disappeared. So we have been educating you now you must carry this education to the people. Because you are like gurus, you are like teachers. We have prepared you. We will be preparing you more. You have to go help people carry the Srimurthi, carry the Padukas, carry the teaching. You do it. If all of you start helping the people the whole country is finished. The earlier we finish the country….it is all over.


mba said...

I have been into the dharma for 3 yrs and took vara diksha,phala diksha ,sansakr suddhi and also personal darshan of amma and bhagawan.i have not recd any grace and need a person with very strong antaryamin like you to intervene between me and bhagawan to get it.Bhagawan has said that man cannot do it on his has to be given to him.I am finished and cant do anything more.please ask bhagawan to come in me as antaryamin pl write to me at

komagal said...

how can you ever say that u didn't get grace....? Can u come to the dharma without grace? can u have attented all the deeksha's wihtout grace??? He is already in u as Antaryamin....stop judging urself...start accepting the realy u...u will see the god within u

Vibrant Vabo said...

Thanks really for putting this piece of golden information from Sri Bhagavan

I got lot of clarity about Padukas & their phenomenon.

Hope the deeksha power in everyone increase by the sheer grace of Bhagavan

Thanks Prema....