Monday, March 24, 2008

Swadhistana Chakra - The store house of previous life Archetypes

Approximately 2 finger width above mooladhara chakra in the spine, directly behind the genital organ is swadhistan chakra. The literal meaning of word swadhistan is one's own abode. the samskit word swa means self and sthan means dwelling place.
This chakra is symbolized by a crimson lotus with 6 petals. In the centre is white crescent moon. The yanra is aap tattwa, water element.
Swadhistan chakra is associated with the seeking pleasure through the tongue n genital organs. When swadhistan become active, it may manifest as overwhelming desire or cravings for these things. On the physical level, swadhistan is associated with the organs of excretion n reproduction.visualisation of this centre can help rectify disorders of these functions.
On the deeper level, swadhistan chakra is the seat of the individual & collective unconscious. It is the storehouse of all samskars i.e past mental impression stored in the form of archetypes. It is the centre of humankind's most primitive & deep rooted instincts. By purifying this centre the animal nature is transcended.

Q) How to get purified then?
Ans:- For concentration on this centre, visualize a vast, deep ocean with dark waves beneath a night sky. The tides of the ocean represent the ebb & flow of the awareness.

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